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Friday, June 27, 2008

Mouse and giraffe

There was this little grey mouse that worked in a factory pulling wires through conduits and every evening after work he would stop in at the neighborhood bar for a beer or two before going home.
He was unmarried and well liked by the bartender, he always cashed his paycheck on Friday night and had more than two beers. This particular Friday night the mouse was
setting at the bar having a beer and this strikingly beautiful long necked lady giraffe comes in and takes a seat at the end of the bar.
The mouse looks her over and she is checking out the mouse. The mouse told the bartender to give her a drink and soon they are seated together. The bar fills up and the bartender loses track of them.
The bartender can't wait to hear how it went with the mouse and giraffe, but on Monday the mouse don't show, nor on Tuesday or Wednesday, but on Thursday he comes in, his fur all roughed up, his eyes bloodshot, and his tail just dragging the floor.
He climbs up on a stool, orders a beer and as the bartender set it down, the bartender asks how it went, and why are you looking like you were run over by a Mack truck?
The mouse answers, it was just wonderful.
The bartender says what caused you to look so bad, the mouse said "between the kissing and the loving, I've run 900 miles."

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