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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Converter from XL to EXE

This utility converts Excel files from the XL format to an EXE format (convert XLS to EXE, convert XLA to EXE, convert Excel to EXE). Like XL files, the EXE files created are not independent of Excel, but they allow you to define Excel's properties before opening, and improve the portability and functionality of your workbooks.

The conversion, moreover to maintain the original format features, inclusive for editing thru the Excel, adds others functionalities where the autocompression and the control over the Excel highlight. So, by be specialized in Excel and VBA, can be more advantageous than ZIP files, ZIP autoextracts and program installation utilities.

EXE format features:

- Can be read and write (Changes done in an EXE file opening in the Excel to write are saved in the proper EXE file);
- When saving changes, backups are created. Optionally, you can specify whether to overwrite or not overwrite previous backups (This makes possible more restoration levels than using XL format);
- Can be read-only, very read-only, doesn’t permit ‘Save’ and ‘Save as’ too;
- Changes can be saved to a new XL file, leaving the EXE unaltered (Good to be used like a template)

Read more and download (link)

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