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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Can you transfer your Windows license to a new PC ?

One of the most asked questions for the owners of Windows machines. You bought money to buy a new PC, got the Windows operating systems installed on it, and then for some reason, you need to buy / change your computer, you must be wondering about whether you need to buy a new Windows license, or can you use your existing license for this purpose with violating some law ?
Well, here's a great post on Ed Bott's site (link) about being able to transfer the Windows license onto a new machine.

As an example:
However, if you purchased your copy of Windows preinstalled on a PC from a so-called “royalty OEM” - i.e., one of the largest 20 PC makers - then it is system-locked, and your CD and license key will only reinstall on the same computer (or one with an identical motherboard and BIOS).

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