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Saturday, June 28, 2008

DiskScrub - Hard Drive Data Elimination Software

It is becoming standard practice in corporations, government agencies, law firms and accounting firms to reassign computers and to donate older computers to charity. Millions of personal computers have been put to use since 1981 when the IBM Personal Computer came into existence. Many of the older personal computers have been reassigned or donated to charity and many more will fall into this category in the future. However, data security is often ignored when computers change hands.
Personal computers were never designed with security in mind. Potentially anything that transpired on a used computer still exists. Multiply that by the number of computers your organization will reassign or surplus this year, and you get the point. Computers should be reassigned and donated to charity but the contents of the hard disk drives should not be ignored.
With computer technology changing almost daily, corporations and government agencies have to stay current while still making the best uses of aging computer resources. Advancements in hard disk drive storage capacities, operating systems and software applications cause corporations to buy or lease new computers every year. But what is done with the old computers? What is done about the sensitive data still existing, essentially "stored" on these computers when they are sold, transferred or donated? That is a serious problem, and NTI's Disk Scrub software was specifically designed to deal with these risks, for corporations, government agencies, hospitals, financial institutions, law firms and accounting firms.

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