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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Mud Finger Paint 4+ y/o

Children explore the sense of touch and have fun with farm animal art.

Materials needed:
Pale pink construction paper
Marking pens or crayons
Mud or dirt (Potting soil does not work well for this project. It needs to be real earth dirt.)

What to do:

1. Using pale pink construction paper, cut out a large profile of a pig's body (do not cut out the legs or tail).
2. Wet the dirt so it is a nice consistency for finger painting.
3. Have the children draw on one eye, one traingle ear, one snout nostril (this is only one side of his face) and a mouth.
4. Have child glue pig body onto a bigger sheet of paper and draw four legs and a curly tail.
5. Have the children finger paint mud on the pig.

More to do:

Children can mud finger paint on a big sheet of slick paper on or the table just for fun.

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