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Friday, June 13, 2008

Site with recipe for pop tarts

A great recipe for pop tarts at this site (link)
Extract from the site (you will need to go to the site to get the actual recipe)
I came across this recipe for homemade pop-tarts awhile back when I was browsing threw Peabody's recipe index. When I found it, I knew right away that I wanted to make it. But, I'd never gotten to it. It just kind of sat there in my memories. Till now.

It was actually really easy to make, it didn't take much effort. I made it with two different flavors; Strawberry and Blueberry. There were more Strawberry than Blueberry though... I would have make more blueberry pop-tarts rather than strawberry; because I'm a huge fan for blueberries, But, large majority of people in my family don't like blueberries to much and prefer strawberries much more than blueberries.

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