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Monday, August 31, 2009

Dispute between Zee and DEN

If you are not getting some of your favorite channels, then you should talk to your cable operator, and ask him to provide these channels to you. These are channels within the Zee TV bouquet.


Zee Turner gets aggressive against the TV 18 owned cable subsidiary DEN: Sends notice to deactivate services. As a result, the telecast of 35 superhit channels are expected to go off air in over 32 % of Delhi and close to 20% of Mumbai

The channels include Zee TV, Zee Cinema, HBO, Cartoon Network, Zee Café and Zee Studio, CNN, Warner Brothers, Zee Café, Pogo, Ten Sports and many more.

29 Aug, New Delhi : Coveted channels like Zee TV, Cartoon Network, Pogo, HBO, Ten Sports, Zee Café ,Zee Studio and many more might go off air in parts of Delhi and Mumbai on account of the ongoing dispute between Zee Turner and TV 18 Group owned cable subsidiary DEN.

DEN not just owes outstanding payable to Zee Turner running into crores but also has not signed the agreement to avail the services/ feed of 35 channels distributed by Zee Turner for the year 2009-10.

Zee Turner, for past few months, has several attempts through series of negotiations to close the issue. However, failing to obtain any co-operation from DEN, Zee Turner is now contemplating deactivation of its bouquet of 35 channels on this operator’s network by 17th September, 2009.

About Zee-Turner

Zee Turner Ltd. is a joint venture between two renowned media giants - Essel group and Turner International. The company was incorporated in February 2002 with an objective to manage the distribution & trade marketing for pay channels. It offers this grand combination of Zee, Turner and third party channel bouquet to the customers in Indian sub-continent and also to some of the neighboring countries like Nepal and Bhutan.

Presently, Zee Turner Limited brings you the largest network of 35 channels, showing programmes in the widest range of 12 genres. From general entertainment, sports, drama, news & current affairs, movies, to reality shows, talent hunts, kid's entertainment and all kind of music, providing you the endless & unmatched variety of entertainment. Some of the most popular and best of the channels being offered by the broadcaster include Zee TV, Zee Cinema, Cartoon Network, Pogo, HBO, Zee Studio, Zee Marathi, Zee Bangla, Zee Cafe, Zee News, Zee Business etc

What are viewers missing on?

1. Delhi to miss on their very own new show ‘ 12/24 Karol Bagh’ which is to premiere from 31st Ausust. Can’t live without serials on Zee TV- Sa Re Ga Ma PA LIL champs, Agle janam Mohe Bitiya Hi Kijo, Aap Ki Antara, Chhoti Bahu and Jhaansi Ki Rani

2. Compaq Cup Tri Series on Ten Sports to be telecasted from 8- 14th Sept.

3. Blockbuster movies on Zee Cinema , HBO, Zee Studio and WB

4. Cartoon network and POGO for children

5. Zee Marathi, Zee News, Zee Business, Zee Café, and many more channels

Hindi Serials - New serial on Zee TV - 12/24 Karol Bagh

…‘12/24 Karol Bagh’, ‘An Address Not Too Far From Our Own Lives’…

Hindustan badal raha hain aur ‘Hindustan ka no.1 Network’ leke aaya hain aapke saamne iss badalav se uthnewaale kaii sawaal jo hum aam zindagi mein kafi hadtak sunte aaye hain, jaise… –‘Shaadi ya career?’ ‘Apne se chote umar ke ladke se pyar?’ ‘Pitaji ka business ya naukari?’…
…A lot of similar questions are beautifully raised in this story of a family which though sometimes doesn’t understand each others’ needs and dreams, believes in staying together with perfect love and compassion. ‘12/24 Karol Bagh’ will narrate the lives of four siblings who are facing different kinds of dilemmas in their day-to day lives as they struggle to survive, find love and then to keep relationships together. The show debuts on Zee TV on August 31st, Monday – Thursday at 10 p.m.
The show will see the sights of hubbub lanes and by-lanes of Karol Bagh and Lajpat Nagar, the lip-smacking food corners in Bengali market, the vastness of Pragati Maidan, picturesque India Gate and Parliament House, Delhi University and many such frames that essentially collaborate the essence of Delhi and also form an important part of any middle-class family that resides in the Capital.

12/24 Karol Bagh, new serial on Zee TV weeknights at 10 PM
Photo of cast of characters on Zee TV new serial 12/24 Karol Bagh
Photo of cast of characters on Zee TV new serial 12/24 Karol Bagh

‘12/ 24 Karol Bagh’ is the first ever show on Indian Television to be shot completely in Delhi. So far, channels have only portrayed families residing in different parts of the country while the shows are pre-dominantly shot in Mumbai. To maintain the authentic flavour of the Capital, Zee TV decided to station the entire production unit in Delhi. Besides maintaining the regional feel, the motive for Zee TV to bring its newest show to the Capital is to expand the boundaries of the Indian television industry outside Mumbai.

After having delivered great concepts like ‘Agle Janam Mohe Bitiyan Hi Kijo’, ‘Aap Ki Antara’ and ‘Dance India Dance’, ‘12/24 Karol Bagh’ is another fresh offering from Zee TV’s Creative team. The show is being produced by ‘Sunshine Productions’.

Akash Chawla, Marketing Head, Zee TV said, “We realize that India is changing but there are certain topics that are still not discussed openly though they are thoughts that we internally assimilate. We wanted to depict a simple life of a family that resides in Delhi and yet make their story special, encompassing different nuances of their day-to-day existence. We would also want to give our audiences a voice while we probe them with different questions and hence the campaign for this show is truly interactive in nature. We believe in getting our viewers completely involved in our shows and hence had proposed viewers’ participation at the recently held wedding sequence in ‘Pavitra Rishta’ which also had met with a great success.”
Mr. Chawla, further added, “Having shot in Delhi, which is also the hometown of most of the actors and technicians on the show, gives ‘12/24 Karol Bagh’, an ultimate edge with the language and the background portrayed in an authentic manner. Above all, this endeavor is to make Delhi participate in the mainstream television industry. Through its various shows, Zee TV has brought in flavour of the nation’s cultural diversity by narrating life stories of real people across the country. For instance, while ‘Pavitra Rishta’ is the story of a typical middle-class Maharashtrian family in Mumbai, ‘Agle Janam Mohe Bitiya Hi Kijo’, represents an extremely poor household residing in a village of Bihar. Our attempt is to create content that families can view and relish together.”

English Movie - Fugitive: A tight story of being one step ahead of the law

A fast paced action movie, with a fair amount of drama, a wrong court decision, and the need to get revenge (and clear his name) were some of the parts that made The Fugitive a very famous and commercially successful movie. The movie was nominated for a clutch of Oscars, and also earned more than $500 million worldwide. It helped that it starred 2 famous actors in the person of Harrison Ford (very famous for Star Wars and Indiana Jones), and Tommy Lee Jones. The movie also got good reviews from critics, making it really successful (it is not always seen for a movie to be both commercially successful and earn praise from critics).
The movie was released in 1993, and was based on a television series that aired on ABC between 1963 and 1967. The series ran for 4 years (interestingly, the first 3 seasons were in black and white, and the fourth season was in color). The movie has the same premise, where a doctor is charged for the murder of his wife, and escapes in order to prove his innocence.

The movie has principally 2 characters - Harrison Ford as Dr. Richard Kimble, and Tommy Lee Jones as Deputy United States Marshal Samuel Gerard. Dr. Kimble has been charged for the murder of his wife, based on the fact that his wife made a call to 911 which apparently led to Dr. Kimble being blamed for the murder. In addition, there was no evidence to back the claim of Dr. Kimble that a man with an artificial hand was responsible for the murder (there were no signs of somebody breaking into the house, there were no other fingerprints on the gun). Dr. Kimble was charged for murder, and convicted by a jury, sentenced to die.
However, on the way to prison in a bus (along with other convicts), there is a disturbance inside the bus that causes the bus to fall onto the path of an oncoming train. In the disturbance. Dr. Kimble manages to run away and is now being pursued by the United States Marshal service, led by officer Samuel Gerard. Kimble manages to change out of his prison uniform, shave, and alter his appearance, but Gerard is soon on the chase, and manages to corner him inside a storm drain inside a dam. The only option for Kimble to survive is by jumping into the flow of water falling from the dam, and he does so in a fairly spectacular shot.
Now, Kimble is on a mission to find people who have received a prosthetic arm, while striving to be hidden from the police who is chasing him. In the middle of this, while hidden in a hospital, he even saves a boy by altering the diagnosis and sending him to emergency surgery. Kimble even heads to the jail to try to find the one-armed man, but is not able to find him. He eventually gets into the home of a former police office called Frederick Sykes (Katsulas). Sykes was there in Kimble's list since he had received a prosthetic arm. It is in Sykes's home that Kimble finds evidence of what could have caused the attacks at Kimble's home, as well as the involvement of somebody close to Kimble. Can Kimble save himself from the police, and expose the involvement of others ?

The Fugitive was nominated for 7 Oscars:
Won: Best Supporting Actor - Tommy Lee Jones
Best Picture (lost to Schindler's List)
Best Cinematography (lost to Schindler's List)
Best Sound Effects Editing (lost to Jurassic Park)
Best Film Editing (lost to Schindler's List)
Best Original Music Score (lost to Schindler's List)
Best Sound (lost to Jurassic Park)

The Fugitive (1993) Oscar award winning movie starring Harrison Ford and Tommy Lee Jones

Kalimpong - Quiet and Serene Hill Station

Area : 1056 sq km
Population : 50,000 (approximately)
Altitude : 1250 m (4100 ft)
Summer : Max. 27.1°C, Min. 16°C
Winter : Max. 15°C, Min. 5°C
Annual Rainfall : 220 cm
Best Season : March to mid June & Sept. to November
Languages Spoken : Nepali, Hindi, English, Tibetan and Bengali
Clothing required : Tropical in summer and light woollens in winter.

Kalimpong bears a name of historic significance. Once the headquarters of a Bhutanese Governor, the word 'Kalim' means King's Minister and ' pong' - the stronghold hence the stronghold of the King's minister. It is also called 'kalibong' or the spur by the hill people. 'Kalimpong' in local dialect stands for 'Kaulim' which is a fibrous plant which grows in abundance in this region.
Kalimpong is a bustling and rapidly expanding, though still relatively small, bazaar (market) town set among the rolling foothills and deep valleys of the Himalayan at an altitude of 1250m. It was once part of the lands belonging to the rajas of Sikkim, until the beginning of the 18th century when it was taken from them by the Bhutanese. In the 19th century it passed into the hands of the British and thus became part of West Bengal. It became a centre for Scottish missionary activity in the late 19th century, and Dr Graham's orphanage and school is still running today.

View Larger Map

Kalimpong's attractions include three monasteries, a couple of solidly built churches, an excellent private library for the study of Tibetan and Himalayan language and culture, a sericulture, orchid nurseries and fine views over the surrounding countryside. Although not many travelers bother to visit Kalimpong, there's enough here to keep you occupied for a couple of days, and for the energetic there's some good trekking too, and who can resist trekking. The dense forests of golden oak trees offset by the rich undergrowth of moss and lichen provide an ideal setting for balmy walks on the thick cushions of russet-brown leaves. One comes to Kalimpong to slow down and be pampered by nature's bounties.
The vast rolling meadows covered with a riot of wild flowers, the sparkling brooks and rivulets meandering lazily by the terraced fields are a feast for one's eyes. Kalimpong is a blaze of colour throughout the year owing to the richness of its stunning flora. The orchids of this region in particular are famous for their infinite variety as well as their delicate tints.

Tourist Attractions In and Around Kalimpong :
1. Gompas
Established in 1922, the Tharpa Choling Gompa belongs to the Yellow Hat Sect of Tibetan Buddhism, founded in the Tibet in the 14th century and to which the Dalai Lama belongs. It's a 40 minute walk from town; take the path to the right off KD Pradhan Rd, just before the Milk Collection and Extension Wing Building.
Lower down the hill, the Thongsa Gompa, of Bhutanese Monastery, is the oldest monastery in the area and was founded in 1692. The present building is not so old - the original was destroyed by the Gurkhas in their rampage across Sikkim before the arrival of the British.
Zong Dog Palri Fo-Brang Gompa, five km south of the town centre at the end of the ridge, was built in the mid - 1970s at Durpin Dara Hill and was consecrated by the Dalai Lama. There are impressive wall paintings in the prayer room, and a rare three dimensional mandala upstairs. Mountain views are good from Durpin Dara Hill. This area is a big military camp, but you are free to walk or drive through it.

2. DR. GRAHAM’S HOME: Dr. John A. Graham, a Scottish missionary founded this Institute in 1900. This Institution built on Deolo Hill north of the main township was established as an orphanage-cum-school for destitute Anglo-Indian children. It is now a renowned regular co-educational school situated in a 500-acre campus.

3. Durpin Dara: an observatory point from where a truly spectacular view of the Himalaya can be enjoyed. This along with the panoramic view of the Teesta and Relli rivers, and the plains far below, provide visitors with a memorable sight.

4. Flower Nurseries : Kalimpong produces 80% of India's gladiolas and is an important orchid - growing area; flowers are exported from here to many cities in northern India. The Sri Ganesh Moni Pradhan Nursery and the Udai Mani Pradhan Nursery are among the most important in the area. The Standard and the Universal Nurseries also specialise in cacti. There's a flower festival in Kalimpong in October.

5. Pedong monastery : Built around 1837, is of Bhutanese origin, while a kilometer away is the historical Bhutanese fort of Damsang, an important landmark of the area before the main town of Kalimpong came into prominence.

6. Mangal Dham Mandir : Sprawling over an area of two acres and built in 1993, Mangal Dham is considered to be one of the most splendid temples in India. It is the ground floor of the Dham, where lies the "samadhi" of their revered Guruji.

7. LAVA : 34 kms away from Kalimpong, Lava at a height of 7 , 755 ft. is a small hamlet, hidden in the mist & cloud all through the year. Most of the proposed treks in & around Kalimpong start from Lava.

8. LAVA LOLAY GAON : Whole day Excursion to Lava with a visit to the Tibetan monastery at Lava and a drive to Lolaygaon, a hamlet situated at 55 kms from Kalimpong, where you can walk among the treetops on a specially built tree top pathway. Late evening drive back to Kalimpong or stay overnight at Lava Lolay Gaon.

9. RISHYAP : 10 km rough jeep drive from lava is this small Lepcha Village situated at a heigh of 8, 500 ft. Rishyap means “lofty cliff of forest of ancients trees” in Lepcha language. Snow capped mountain peaks, dense evergreen forest, terraced agricultural field are the part of Rishyap.

10. DEOLO HILL: The highest point within Kalimpong municipality area (elevation approximately 1650 mtrs) that provides a 360-degree panoramic view. A fantastic bird’s-eye-view of Kalimpong town & Durpian hill can be had from here.

11. Sericulture Research Institute : At this institute silkworms are bred and silk is produced as well as herbs and plants. Locate on the road to Darjeeling, the institute can be visited between 9.30 am and 4 PM.

12. Nature Interpretation Centre : Located on Rinkingpong Rd, this centre consists of a number of well-organized dioramas, which depict the effects of human activity on the environment. The centre is open to visitors from Friday to Wednesday from 10 am to 4 PM and admission is free.

1. Samthar Farm House : A special place for those who appreciate nature Tucked away in the lap of nature in the remote mountains, 80 Kms from Kalimpong, The SAMTHAR FARM HOUSE is a unique getaway - an intimate Wilderness Eco Lodge, offering tranquility, and one of the finest views of Khangchendzonga, the third highest peak in the world. It is ideal for nature lovers, honeymooners, and those seeking unusual places. It has been created by converting an abondoned Lepcha Farmhouse into a deluxe country residence, by Retired Indian Army General "Jimmy" Singh. Its natural stone and old timber construction has been preserved. The house nestles in a clump of pines, with a terraced nature garden rising to the rocky outcrop at the top of the hill. The natural landscape has been retained. The view rivals Tiger Hill (near Darjeeling). As a bonus, the sunrise and sunset views can simply be described as breathtaking.
2. Holumba Haven - HOLUMBA facing Mount. Kanchenjunga is a 2 acres natural landscaped botanical extravangenza, water fed by a natural spring, inhabited by a flora population over 1000 species of orchids, plants & trees, and conveniently located on the main highway,a kilometre ahead of Kalimpong town having own car park & garages. (The Ven. Bikchu Sangharakshita lived in "The Hermitage" (Magnolia) and refers to it as his Garden of Eden.) HOLUMBA offers the nature loving tourists an expansive orchid nursery :-"Nurseryman's Haven", world wide exporter since 1972 - specialist in Indo- Burmese orchids & Himalayan & Exotic - bulbs, tubers, rhizomes, plants, & seeds.
3. Hotel Silver Oaks - Lounging in the landscaped gardens in a profusion of colour, one is treated to breathtaking view at the Silver Oaks, Kalimpong. The natural décor is characteristic in the imposing Kanchenjungha which can be seen on a clear day, blooming petunias and asters, the serrated violet edges of iris, iridescent butterflies flitting through colourful azaleas, drooping geraniums, proud orchids and heaven, temporarily descends on earth. Sitting in one of the quaint gazebos, the tea seems to be flavoured by the refreshing winds of the Himalayas. The Silver Oaks was built in 1930 and once belonged to the prominent architect Frederick Desraj who built the old Teesta Bridge.
4. Hotel Himalayan - In the early days of the last century the hotel was the family home of David Macdonald. After accompanying the Younghusband Mission to Lhasa in 1904 as interpreter, Macdonald was posted to Tibet as a British Trade Agent, serving in Yatung and Gyantse until his retirement in 1924. Macdonald assisted the 13th Dalai Lama's escape from Tibet in 1910, and he was later invited to Lhasa in 1921. Prior to his retirement he served briefly as Britain's Political Officer in Sikkim, in charge of Britain's relations with Tibet, Bhutan and Sikkim.
5. Hotel Kalimpong Park - It is situated on a viewpoint, 1 km. uphill from the downtown area. The hotel faces north-east, and has a 270 degree panoramic view of the hills and valleys, with Kachenjunga massif standing majestically on the left. The hotel has its own cars that drive up to the front door.
6. Soods Garden retreat : 8.5 Miles is where you will find the retreat, just 800 meters before the Hustle and Bustle of the Market area, set amidst Nature with a breath taking view, on the sunniest part of the Hills. For whatever you have in mind you can't be better Located. Near to all the site seeing interests. Laze on the rolling Lawns and Gardens or just admire the Glory of the mighty Mt. Kanchenjunga from the Restaurant, Balconies or Lawns.
7. Garden Reach hotel : It is a budget hotel, located at a distance of 0.5 kms from the main town. The hotel is a perfect place for the leisure as well as business traveler.
8. Gurudongma House : Gurudongma House is located 3 kms from Kalimpong town center, away from the pollution, and noise of the town, in the exclusive hilltop locality. The house commands breathtaking views of the panorama of snows, dominated by Khangchendzonga – the third highest peak in the world.
This is not a hotel but a home, providing exclusive hospitality. Paying guests are personally hosted by the General, and are cared for by trained ethnic staffs, which provide spontaneous personalized service. The house offers just four guestrooms.
9. Hotel Tres : It lies at the crossroads of elegance and comfort. The building blends old and new, aesthetically pairing a new modest structure with an old cottage. Superbly located in Kalimpong offers a portrait of the hill station few will ever forget. Kalimpong is a beautiful place blessed with flowers and a pleasant weather all year round.

Banks :
1. State Bank of India
2. Central Bank of India
3. Union Bank of India
Hospitals :
1. Kalimpong Govt. Hospital
2. Dr. Mishra's Nursing Home
3. Dr. Mullick's Nursing Home
4. Dr. Sharma'a Nursing Home

How to get there ?
- Local Transport : Ponies, Jeeps, Private taxis
- Air Connections : Nearest Airport is Bagdogra. Bookings for Indian Airlines, Jet Airways, Sahara India and Damania can be made at Kalimpong.
- Rail Connections : Nearest Railway Stations is New Jalpaiguri. Bookings can be had from agencies in Kalimpong around Rishi Road.
- Road Connections : It is 51 km from Darjeeling, connected by all weather metalled road.
Kalimpong to Siliguri (2 1/2 hrs.) - 65 km
Kalimpong to Gangtok (3 1/2 hrs.) - 78 km
Kalimpong to Darjeeling (2 hrs.) - 51 km

External articles / blogs:

1. Traveller's point (link to article)

To everyone who will tell me that 14 people in a jeep is not possible, I will answer them that they have to try the road between Darjeeling and Kalimpong in the jungle XD. Nice ride and I arrived in this bazaar busy city yesterday.

2. Exotic India (link to article):
Welcome to Kalimpong! The dense forests, lone roads, distant vision of mighty Himalayas, vast valleys, green meadows, it is indeed a heaven of the eastern part of India. Not only nature but the culture and tradition of Kalimpong are also a nice thing to experience. Kalimpong in West Bengal is a major center for traditional handicrafts, thanka paintings, metal crafts, Tibetan and Leptcha jewelries, wooden mask and other indigenous products. A large number of tourist throughout the year flock to this small town for its unique beauty.

3. HolidayhomeIndia (link to article)
Kalimpong is a beautiful hill station in the Darjeeling Hills at a height of 1,250 metres (4,101 ft) situated in the Indian state of West Bengal. Kalimpong is known for its educational institutions many of which were established during the British colonial period. Kalimpong, located on a ridge overlooking River Teesta, is a tourist destination for temperate climate and proximity to popular tourist locations in the region. Kalimpong is famous for its horticulture of various rare species of world famous orchids. Kalimpong is a town of religious centre of Buddhism.

4. Travel and Places (link to article):
One of the first things that comes to mind when the name Kalimpong is mentioned is its vast treasure-house of flowers. Rare and beautiful varieties of flowers and orchids grow in abundance, beautifying the region and also contribute significantly to the economy of the same. Kalimpong also boasts of numerous nurseries. Kalimpong is also the habitat of wildlife species including Asiatic Black Bear, Barking Deer, Himalayan Black Bear, Himalayan Tahr, Pangolin, Clouded Leopard, Siberian Weasel, Red Panda, Goral, Gaur and birds like Monal Pheasant, Orioles, Maynas, Besra, Hornbills, Swallows, Eurasian Sparrowhawks, Himalayan Griffon Vulture, Owls, Parakeets, Woodpeckers, Sunbirds, Black Baza and the Kalij Pheasant. Wildlife enthusiasts would thoroughly enjoy themselves at Neora Valley National Park.

5. Hill Stations in India (link to article):
The name, Kalimpong, has three different origins. One, it means the place where the local tribesmen gathered to organize field sports, second, it takes it’s name from the Bhutanese king’s minister’s stronghold and thirdly, it is named after Kaulim, a fibrous plant found in abundance in this region.

6. my dharmic life (link to article):
Kalimpong, in the north-eastern part of India close to the border to Sikkim, was the home of Kyabje Dudjom Rinpoche after he had fled from Tibet. Here Sogyal Rinpoche received instructions by him when he was in his early twenties.

7. Santosh Yatra (link to article):
Kalimpong has a lot to offer in terms of shopping. The Main Road, the 10th Mile Market and the Raja Dorje Market are some of the good places to shop. The must-buys of Kalimpong include fresh ginger and honey, Tibetan noodles, jewelery, artefacts, seeds and flower bulbs. The Kalimpong Arts & Crafts Centre is the best place for authentic Lepcha, Bhutanese and Sikkimese embroidered work on purses and dresses.

8. Adrian Cycling around Sikkim (link to article). Some great photos also here.
I woke in the morning to even thicker clouds and set off on the next leg of my circular route back to Kalimpong. The road to Kaffir (also known as Lolygoan) turned out to be a mostly terrifying route through forests considerably more ominous and misty than the previous day's, but this time on deserted roads full of potholes and loose stones. It was all fairly nerve wracking. It was also almost all very steep downhill, so turning back would be almost impossible.

9. Of Ink, Pennings And Pittoresco's! (link to article):
Cradled in the hills of Darjeeling-India, the small town of Kalimpong is but a place overwhelmed by ardent football enthusiasts. The passion for the game runs back to decades and the zeal has been carried down through the generation. Arguably, the pinnacle of this begins early July and ends in the usually rainy evening of the Indian Independence day.

10. MyTourInfo (link to article)
Most of the drive to Kalimpong from Siliruri is along forests fringing the Teesta River. Built into a steep gorge, the road overlooks this beautiful river as it rumbles and slides through the Himalayan foothills. About halfway, the graceful Coronation Bridge leads off to the east towards the Dooars, West Bengal’s picturesque tea country. Further upstream is Kalimpong.

11. TSI Holidays (link to article):
The road is one of the most scenic routes in this part of the nation. You will get a breathtaking scenic view of the Teesta river all your way to the town. The hill station is at an altitude of 1250 mts above the sea level. From this town one can get a panoramic view of the majestic Mt Kanchenjunga and the snow clad Himalayan range. The Durpin Dara and Deoro Hill are the two most popular scenic points of Kalimpong. Kalimpong belongs to the Darjeeling district. Coming here you will find a number of monasteries. The Kali temple of Kalimpong is very famous. The Tibetan Monastery Dr Graham's home are the remarkable tourist spots.

12. Real Travel (link to article):
I spent the majority of my time (weekends excluded) in a tiny little village called No.12 Dhura (aka Barranumber), which is North-east of Kalimpong near the town of Pedong.

13. Just Another Travel Blog (link to article):
The easiest route to reach Kalimpong is to take a flight from Delhi to Bagdogra/ Siliguri (about 70kms from Kalimpong). At the airport, many taxis are accessible to Kalimpong. [Remember that when you are going to Kalimpong, it is best that you reach not later than 5pm so that there is ready commute, since the towns really stop working after 530pm.

14. Driving directions from Kolkata to Kalimpong (link to article)

Photo Galleries (external):
1. Photo Gallery at world66. com (link)
2.'s public gallery (link)
3. Many photos from Anuj (link)
4. Photos of Kalimpong at Flickr (link)
5. Kalimpong Photos at trekearth (link)
6. High Street in Kalimpong, India (link)

Videos of Kalimpong on Youtube:

1. Kalimpong Videos, West Bengal, India


3. Kalimpong to Teesta Bridge

4. kalimpong mainroad

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Diabetes and exercise: Very beneficial

Remember, if you are a diabetic, before any change in lifestyle, you should consult your doctor. This includes going in for an exercise regime that you may not be doing earlier.
However, as a broad level summary, exercise has normally been recommended for diabetics. Type of exercise you should do ? It is recommended that you do aerobic exercises such as jogging, fast walking, dancing, or cycling. If you are not in the habit of such exercises, then start slowly. However, diabetes is many times accompanied by nerve damage, including in the feet. In that case, go in for exercise that impacts the feet less, such as swimming, cycling, or rowing.
Exercise has benefits of helping controlling your weight, as well as reducing your blood sugar levels. The exercise makes you feel better, and increase your fitness levels. Exercise can help you improve your circulation, which can counteract some of the problems caused by diabetes. As you would do with normal exercise, you should warm up before your exercise, and slowly cool down after you have com the exercises. These can be simple exercises such as walking, or stretching.
How does exercise help diabetics ? Exercise is supposed to help the body's insulin sensitivity, and on a prolonged basis, will help the person's fight against diabetes. However, after prolonged exercise, you need to be careful, since the blood sugar levels in the body may get too low, invoking a serious condition condition called hypoglycemia. You should read more about hypoglycemia, what are the symptoms, and how to make sure that exercise does not leave you with dangerous blood sugar levels. Keep some kind of quick energy snack such as a energy bar handy if you feel that your blood sugar levels have dropped.
While doing exercise, you should ensure that you should get enough fluids, and not get dehydrated. Drink fluids (either water, or your favorite energy drinks (but not useless fizzy drinks)); remember that dehydration can affect your blood sugar level.
Since those people with high blood sugar levels face greater problems in terms of blisters or sores on the leg, you should ensure that you check your legs frequently for these; further, wear adequate protection such as shoes or sneakers.
Remember, in all cases, even if you are not able to do more stress exercises such as jogging, cycling, you should still go in for walking. Walking for 30 minutes every day can do great wonders to your diabetes control. Also, walking in the morning (or other exercises) keeps your energy levels high for the rest of the day. Once you can get into the habit of walking regularly, see whether you can move onto walking on a hilly surface. It can be a gradual slope, and works great for your diabetes.

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Article: High blood sugar levels during pregnancy risky for later

Diabetes during pregnancy (gestational diabetes) is of concern to the doctors who treat pregnant mothers, since there is a need to be more careful during the time of pregnancy. However, another study claims that even for those women who do not develop gestational pregnancy, variations in blood sugar levels can be dangerous, indicative of developing diabetes later in life (link to article):

A Canadian study suggests that even mild abnormalities in blood sugar levels during pregnancy, previously thought not to have any clinical significance, makes women more prone to type 2 diabetes. Scientists at the Toronto-based Institute for Clinical Evaluative Sciences (ICES), who led the study, found that women with mild abnormalities in their blood sugar during pregnancy were 2.5 times more likely to develop type 2 diabetes as compared to those who had completely normal glucose testing.
"These results show that even a mild abnormality in glucose testing during pregnancy is associated with an increased risk of diabetes later in life. Although we already know that women who''ve had gestational diabetes need to be monitored, the study suggests that even women with mild glucose abnormalities might benefit from diabetes prevention and detection strategies," says Baiju Shah, ICES researcher.

In the era of diabetes care and prevention, it means that pregnant ladies need to take extra care during pregnancy, and even after their pregnancy, they need to be careful of blood sugar and ensure that any symptom of diabetes is checked out periodically.

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Changing your Adsense password

When Google started with Adsense, it allowed users to have a non-Gmail account with a separate password; it was only later that Google started linking everything to a Gmail account and password. For people, it can be a bit confusing as to what they need to do if they are unable to access their Adsense account because the password does not seem to work. There are others who prefer to change their password on a regular basis to keep it secure.

How do you change your password from within Adsense ?

1. Log in to your account at
2. Click the Login Information [edit] link
3. Enter your current and new passwords in the fields provided
4. Click Save Settings to update your password, or Cancel to return to the previous page without saving.

If you want to reset your Adsense account and currently don't remember your account password, or the one that you have does not seem to work, then you should go to this url:

If you have more queries regarding to Adsense, then you should go to this Google Adsense help page:

Delhi Clothes: Apsara sarees and lehangas - 5 shops in Delhi

Shopping for ladies sarees or lehangas for the purpose of bridal wear can be difficult; you need to balance the need to wear something different from the common while ensuring that you do not pay the heaven for this; you need to have a dress that looks exclusive and incredibly beautiful while ensuring that you are not wearing something that is being worn by everybody in the same season. I have written about Apsara sarees earlier as well, but I wanted to update with more content, so writing a new post.
If the choice is to wear a heavy well decorated saree or lehanga, then you cannot just go to any other shop. Catch the Metro line between CP and Kashmere Gate, get down at the Chandni Chowk station and ask for Paranthe Wali Gali. Once you are inside, look for the eateries, and the main Apsara showroom will be right opposite. It's not a very big place, and there are mattresses covered by white sheets on the floor, and you need to take off your shoes before you step on the mattress. The shop does not sell ladies suits.
A good lehenga can easily cost over Rs. 50,000 with prices going upto the lakhs. Delivery can take upto a month depending on the busy season. They accept cards, although most people pay cash.

The various locations are:

Chandni Chowk:

1980, Gali Paranthe Wali, Chandni Chowk, Delhi - 6
Phone: 23267767, 23286856

1386-87. First Floor, S. B. Sarafa Market, Chandni Chowk, Delhi - 6
Phone: 23911662, 23978410


Ring Road Mall (Behind Kali Mata Mandir), Deepali Chowk, Delhi - 4
Ph: 47085976, 27940693

Kamla Nagar:

80-D, Kamla Nagar, Opposite Roop Nagar, Delhi - 7
Phone: 23840260, 23846294

Laxmi Nagar:

9, Ground Floor, V3S Mall, Laxmi Nagar, Opposite Nirmal Vihar, East Delhi - 92
Phone: 24507185, 43073113

Make money from Blogs - Relating your Flickr photos to your Wordpress blog

There are many different ways you have to express yourself, such as doing so through social networking sites such as Facebook and MySpace, through photo sharing sites such as Picasaweb, Flickr, Photos on Facebook, personal blogs, and so on; similarly you can share on blogging sites such as Wordpress, Blogger, and so on. Unfortunately, many of these sites are not linked, and you would be finding yourself duplicating some of your work. Consider the example of a great photo that you want to put on Flickr, and also share on your blogs at Wordpress or Blogger. So, what do you do ? Well, the hardest way is to upload these to all the services individually, while manually tracking the status of which photo has been updated to which site. The smarter way is to figure out how to upload at one place, and use elsewhere in a smart way with minimum effort. Google already does that at Picasaweb since it owns both Blogger and Picasaweb; so a photo updated to Blogger actually is stored at an album in Picasaweb.
If you are a great user of Flickr and Wordpress, then there is a solution available to you as well. This is in the form of leveraging the Flickr API to make this connection, and here is a Wordpress Plugin that allows you to do that (link to plugin page - called Flickr Photo Album for WordPress). Read more on the site:

This Flickr plugin for WordPress will allow you to pull in your Flickr photosets and display them as albums on your WordPress site. There is a pretty simple template provided, but you can customize the templates 100% to match the look and feel of your own site. And if you want, you could also hook it up with Lightbox or any other number of display libraries.
On the backend, this plugin will also add a new Flickr icon to your WordPress edit screen which will allow you to easily insert your Flickr photos into your blog posts with just a couple clicks. You can either have your inserted photos link back to your WordPress Flickr photo album or directly to your photo page.

Installation instructions along with a detailed feature set are available on the page.

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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Etymotic Research HF2 Earphones / Headset (iPhone Compatible) - Black

The hf2 is a high-fidelity, hands-free noise-isolating headset and earphones combination. But it's really much, much more than that. The hf2 provides a near-perfect music experience. Made by Etymotic Research, the people who created in-ear earphones, the hf2 delivers Etymotic's world-renowned sound quality in a comfortable, convenient wireless phone headset, so you'll never miss a call!
The headset includes an in-line microphone and a Music/Call button that allows you to quickly answer calls while contolling your music. You'll be able to hear and be heard, clearly, even in a noisy environment. The hf2 includes the in-ear headset and earphones, assorted eartips so you can find the ones that fit you best, carry pouch and filter changing tool with filters.
Works with iPhone and other music phones that operate with a 3.5 mm/4-contact phone + stereo plug. Compatible with most music players (e.g., iPod, mp3, CD) that accept a 3.5 mm stereo plug. hf2 headset + earphones can be worn with the cables in front or in back of the head. The cable slider can be adjusted by moving it up or down for a snug fit.

Customer feedback:

1. You've seen those people with earphone-mic combos for those phones - you know, *those* people who walk around, holding the mic up to their mouth, who might as well pull out the earphone and just hold the phone up to their ear. Are they uncomfortable, thinking that the mic won't pick up their voice, or are they compensating for a lackluster microphone? If the latter, that will not be necessary with the Etymotic HF2 earphone headset, whose mic is every bit as strong as the one built into most phones, if not better.
I tested this set with an Iphone 3G, and those on the other end were not able to guess that I was on a headset microphone rather than the Iphone's admittedly high-quality mic - that's a great compliment right there. The mic, which hangs about three inches below the right earphone, seems to be able to filter out background noises, as well. As for controls, it's simple - there's one button on rectangular microphone unit. Press once to answer or hang up a call, twice to send a call to voicemail.

2. I was amazed at the sharpness of the high tones. The first song I listened to was the dresden dolls and I could make out every drum beat and each key stroke on the piano rang out. I really was like HD audio without any changes to the media or ipod. It took a while to be able to just be listening to music again, I was so impressed by the clarity.
There were two big reasons I wanted these head phones. First I wanted to be able to listen to my Ipod touch on my bus commute without having to crank up the volume. This worked perfectly, I can now greatly reduce the volume and get far more clarity than I was getting before with the buds that came with the ipod. Watching movies is also far easier now because the isolation makes hearing dialog much easier. The second reason I got these was to use with the upcoming iPhone 3G. I am looking forward to using it when I get one.

Etymotic Research HF2 Earphones / Headset (iPhone Compatible) - Black

V-MODA Bass Freq Earbuds - Platinum White

Designed specifically to recreate the sensation and sounds of the world’s finest clubs and concert venues, Bass Freq’s enables powerful bass that can actually be felt. A powerful neodymium rare earth magnets produces deep yet precise bass levels in conjunction with BLISS noise-isolating technology. Warm mids and crisp highs blend seamlessly with the vibrant bass so that the lows don’t compromise the overall sound quality of the entire spectrum. The dynamic driver delivers clear and natural sound in comparison to the distant and mechanical sound of other manufacturers’ in-ear models that cost more that double Bass Freq’s value-based price. The combination of superior sound quality, unique design and style, and extreme comfort at such a great value won Bass Freq the 2006 CNET Editor’s Choice Award.
Bass Freq’ adapts to YOUR music and fashion style rather than dictates it. Although V-MODA takes sound quality and innovative technology to be of primary importance we refuse to neglect the elements of style and fashion that the rest of the headphone industry has overlooked. People across the nation are integrating their MP3 players and their respective accessories into their wardrobes in the same manner as other conventional items such as jewelry, hats, etc. V-MODA modaphones provide individuals with the option to personalize their wardrobe with an array of colors and styles. Bass Freq comes in 8 different high-fashion colors that perfectly complement the color of your Ipod or MP3 player, or allow you to mix and match colors to create your own unique style.

Customer feedback:

1. My wife owns the gunmetal black high end v-moda earbuds and to tell the truth, those have NOTHING on these as far as sound (except for looking cooler and costing twice as much). Yes, they may be a little more durable (and heavy) due to material (metal vs plastic), but as far as sound goes, you will NOT be disappointed with these. Now having said that, you must experiment with the various ear inserts so that you get the one that fits "just right". But when you find that, you will be amazed at the sound of these. They are also extremely comfortable.

2. The only negative to these earbuds is the difficulty in getting them out of the packaging. Once that was done, I plugged them into the E-250 and gave them a try. You really need to experiment with all the earpieces. I started with the small but they were too loose to give good sound and they fell out. Like Goldilocks, I kept trying the different sizes, until I found the best fit. Once you find the best fit, you will also experience the best sound.
I was extremely pleased with the sound of these earbuds. They are far better than the ones that came with the Sansa and WAY more comfortable. I have not touched the equalizer yet, because I'm pleased with the sound, but I'll probably experiment with it to see if I can improve the sound even more.

V-MODA Bass Freq Earbuds - Platinum White

Sennheiser PX 100 Collapsible Headphones

The Sennheiser PX 100 Headphones use dynamic supra-aural mini headphones and a slim, lightweight design to provide convenience and superior sound to the traveler or outdoor user. Sennheiser's duoful diaphragms with spiral embossing provide high-resolution sound, while the twin damping technology creates crisp, fast bass response, helped by 80ppi polyurethane and special perforated elements. The ear cups can be turned 90 degrees and closed up, then put into a rugged carrying case that can fit into a shirt pocket. The included headband padding helps provide the perfect, snug fit for your head.

Technical Details:
Collapsible open-air headphones
Warm natural sound for all types of music
High energy driver system for max performance
Rugged collapsible headphone with case
Super lightweight design

Customer feedback:

1. I was looking for phones that would pack plenty of punch without sacrificing any of the qualities of their full-grown, ostentatious siblings. Anyone who's even moderately serious about headphones knows that the smallest improvements come at a price. In the case of these phones, the cost is easily justified. I've compared them with several portables in the $5-10 range along with some full-sized models weighing in at $50-100. Conclusion: these are worthy of being your "front-line," and perhaps only, pair of phones. They're up to the task of distinguishing each of the instruments in a jazz rhythm section or reproducing the spacious quality of an entire string section. The treble is distinct and "alive"; the bass is, if anything, more than I require (and the PX 200's are supposedly the bass-heavy models). Comfort? They feel the same as any $2 pair of portable headphones--until the music begins, at which point "wearability" is not even an issue.

2. The PX100s are small, unobstrusive phones. They're suited to portable music players (portable CD and MP3 players), as they are relatively efficient and drive well for the most part. They are small and thin, so you won't look like a complete geek or goofball wearing them in public, and they fold up cleanly and could easily fit in a shirt or pant pocket. They also include a carrying case. The build feels flimsy, but they are actually far more durable than one would imagine. The cord is thin, so beware snagging it too sharply, and short (these are not for use with a home system). They are also extremely comfortable, with a large "sweet spot" and light weight.

Sennheiser PX 100 Collapsible Headphones

Essential Kit for the Amazon Kindle 2 / DX - includes Car and Wall Charger with Rapid Charge Technology

Dont miss a beat with our Essential Power Bundle Kit. Adaptable for any conditions a nomad might face; the Essential Power Bundle Kit allows you to charge your mobile device in half the time with our rapid wall charger and rapid car charger. In addition; this product; like all Gomadic products; is backed by a lifetime warranty.

Technical Details:
Kit includes: DC Car Charger Adapter cable and a AC Wall Charger Adapter cable
Advanced internal circuitry prevents device from power surges; overcharging and short-circuiting
High current output current ( 1000mA ) for faster charging; full lifetime warranty
Lifetime Warranty on Gomadic Brand products
Charging adapter works with both foreign and domestic voltages (100-240 Volts AC

Customer service:

1. When it arrived, I was PLEASANTLY surprised to see that it used detachable USB cables for each charger - vehicle and wall. WOW! I can carry either tip (vehicle/wall) and one detachable USB cable to plug into each. These detachable cables also let me connect my Kindle 2 to my PC for file transfers (like the original USB cable/charger that came with my Kindle 2).

2. I bought this for the car charger. Nice that there is also a wall charger. Somewhat redundant that there are 2 cords since they are detachable from the charger itself. One cord would suffice since it could easily be plugged into either. The wall charger does the job but it is considerably more bulky than the Amazon charger.

Essential Kit for the Amazon Kindle 2 / DX - includes Car and Wall Charger with Rapid Charge Technology

Amazon Kindle Replacement Power Adapter (fits 2nd Generation Kindle and Kindle DX)

Replace or supplement your Amazon Kindle (2nd Generation) and Kindle DX power adapter with a spare. This adapter is the same as the one that ships in the box with your Kindle (2nd Generation) and Kindle DX. Simply plug the adapter into a wall outlet and connect to your Kindle's micro USB port for recharging. Its universal design means that it works around the world, with the help of a physical country adapter plug (sold separately). The power adapter's detachable USB cable can be used to connect your Kindle to a computer or USB hub for either powering your Kindle through the computer or for transferring MP3 or Audible files onto your Kindle.

Technical Details:
Approved charger for Amazon Kindle (2nd Generation) and Kindle DX; same as adapter that ships in the box
Fully charges Kindle (2nd Generation) and Kindle DX in 4 hours or less
Detachable USB cable for powering through computer or transferring MP3 and Audible files
5.9 foot length

Customer feedback:

1. Since the details for the items are a little sparse I thought I would provide the specs listed on the power adapter.
AC Input 100-240 Volts, 0.15 Amps, 50/60 Hz
DC Output 4.9 Volts, 0.85 Amps

2. Looking very stylish and extremely compact, Amazon really got it right with the new Kindle 2 charger. It's iPhone looking design will really leave you in awe. Speaking of iPhone, the tiny power adapter works great to charge an iPhone or iPod. This is a great bonus feature for us Apple enthusiasts. One less device to carry. Just plug your Apple cable into this and charge away. I tried it with my iPhone 3G and iPod and it worked great.
Easy to carry, works in the USA or overseas ( with a plug adapter, sold separately).
The included USB cable is also high quality and well made. The price for both is also very good. It is an excellent idea to purchase one of these to have as an extra just in case you loose your original set or to charge at another location in your home or office. It can also be used to charge other devices that use a USB type charger, although I have only tested it so far with an Apple iPhone 3G and iPod.

Amazon Kindle Replacement Power Adapter (fits 2nd Generation Kindle and Kindle DX)

5 Photo Tips for shooting photos in the sun

Tip 1 (Look for reflected light): One of the problems with harsh sunlight is that the side facing light gets a sharp glare, while a face or profile in shadow is far more reduced. You can either set up reflectors, or look for a place such as a parking lot or in front of buildings, where there is far more reflected light. This ensures that the images don't have unseemly shadows in some parts.

Tip 2 (Use ND Filters): Using filters can really create some interesting photos with different light affects. These filters help in giving a much bluer look to the photos, with a greater contrast in the photos. You can use a graduated ND filter such as this one - Cokin CH250 P-Series ND Grad Kit

Tip 3 (Use the light to good effect in creating silhouette): The strong light may not help in creating soft portraits, but it sure does help in creating some interesting effects such as silhouettes, when you allow the light to be behind the person. The light creates a great outline of the person, and with some creativity around exposure, you can use multiple people to get some stick like effects.

Tip 4 (Shoot in black and white): With the temptation to get good color contrast, and achieve a high color tonality being difficult in harsh light, the strong light actually aids in achieving a good effect in black and white photos. These black and white photographs are great to emphasize structures, shapes, especially when you are shooting something less curvy, and more stark and sharp.

Tip 5 (Shooting indoors or in areas that typically get less light): There are some advantages to having all that light. There are many places such as small alleys, between tall buildings, and indoors, where the amount of light required for good photos is available only when the sun is overhead, and the light is hard.

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5 photo tips for taking photos in the sun

Tip 1 (Underexpose your photos): If you get too much light in your photo, then you lose detail. It is always slightly better to have a slightly under-exposed photo rather than a over-exposed photo; since you can recover from a slightly under-exposed photo; if you lose detail in a photo, then you cannot recover those details.

Tip 2 (Use polarizing filters): Using polarizing filters can help reduce the amount of light in the photo, and also removing the harsh glare caused by the sun. Tiffen 58MM Circular Polarizer Glass Filter and HOYA 72mm Circularizing Polarizing Filter are two such filters you can use.

Tip 3 (Get your models to look up): In order to avoid the shadow under the eyes caused by the light of the sun, you can be on a higher point than the model. This way this forced the model / person to look up and avoids the shadow. Make sure that you the person is facing away from the sun, else they will have to squint, and this will spoil the photo.

Tip 4 (Don't uner-expose, do light metering): A tip above had mentioned that it is better to under-expose rather than over-expose. This remains correct, but you do need to be a bit careful that you don't under-expose too much. This can cause noise in the photo, so do light metering before you go in for under-exposure.

Tip 5 (Use HDR): Shoot at different levels of exposure, and then combine in a HDR to get an image that has enough detail. Make sure that people in your photos are following the rules about not looking towards the sun, and are not squinting.

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Book: Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte (1847)

Wuthering Heights is a classic of the Victorian Era, written by Emily Bronte (and released in 1847). This was the only work of fiction by Emily, although her more famous sister, Charlotte Bronte wrote many more works of fiction (including the very famous Jane Eyre). Wuthering Heights was released not under the name of Emily, but under a pseudonym of Ellis Bell (because there was a prejudice in society that time directed at female writers, and Charlotte was also writing under a different name). Emily died the next year, in 1848, and a second edition was released later in 1850, edited by Charlotte. Emily had a relatively short life, and lived only from 1818 to 1848, dying after contracting tuberculosis.
Wuthering Heights was not a great hit when it came out, given that depiction of relationships and am over-riding sense of revenge and cruelty ran through the book. However, over the years, the book has come to become much more respected, and is now considered a literary classic, with many considering it superior to Jane Eyre.

Wuthering Heights, a classic novel by Emily Bronte, published in 1847

The narrative is essentially about how emotions can guide the behavior of a person, with feelings of rejection and hatred making a person spend his entire life in revenge, tormenting people, seeking to get revenge. It is also a tale of unrequited love, with the passionate love between Heathcliff and Catherine Earnshaw (a love that had a tragic ending) causing Heathcliff to spend his entire life in how to get revenge. The narrative jumps a bit between the present and past, and is presented by 2 characters - Mr. Lockwood and Ellen "Nelly" Dean, with the main setting of the novel starting in the year 1801.
The novel starts with Heathcliff, a young homeless orphan is brought to Wuthering Heights by Mr. Earnshaw, and raised like another son. Heathcliff makes very close friends with the daughter, Catherine, although her brother, Hindley, does not like Heathcliff and mistreats him. After the death of Earnshaw, Hindley takes over as owner of Wuthering Heights, and badly treats Heathcliff. In the meanwhile, Catherine becomes close to a neighbor, Edgar Linton, something that Heathcliff does not like. He dislikes Linton.
Hindley's wife dies, and Hindley is in despair, taking on heavy drinking; around this time, Catherine decides to marry Linton, something that will profoundly affect Heathcliff. When Heathcliff leaves after feeling that Catherine considers it degrading to marry him, Catherine is struck by a fever, and Edgar Linton takes care of her, and in a couple of years, they get married. And then Heathcliff returns, having suddenly turned very wealthy, and intent on taking revenge on all those who prevented him from being with his love. He lends to Hindley, and then takes over Wuthering Heights after Hindley dies; further, he elopes with Linton's sister, Isabella, all for revenge. However, soon after, Catherine dies, with her and Heathcliff being reconciled just before her death.
Heathcliff becomes more angry, and hate prone, carrying on his hate onto the various children, Hindley's son Hareton, his own son Linton, and Catherine's and Edgar's daughter, also called Catherine. What will happen next, since eventually Isabella and Edgar Linton also die, leaving the various children at Heathcliff's mercy.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Hindi Serial - Aapki Antara: The attempt to explain the life of an autistic girl

Aap Ki Antara is a show that is somewhat unusual. How often have you seen a show about something serious, and an issue that is not known to a large number of people. Hence, the effort to introduce the concept of what an autisitic child is, what is the behavior, how they are not crazy, what are the efforts that are needed to bring up such a child. The serial has tried to show these challenges, but they are introducing many twists that a normal serial does (maybe to increase the drama, but that tend to take away from the serious nature of the serial.
Antara is the daughter of Aditya, a loan manager of a bank. He is married to Vidya, and they have a son as well. Things are fine, and then they discover that Aditya had been unfaithful, and there is a daughter called Antara from the relationship. The woman with whom Aditya had been unfaithful has now died, and Aditya has to take care of Antara, who is autistic. They are slowly starting to learn what being autistic means, and Aditya is facing a lot of problems in trying to do good for Antara (with Vidya being somewhat cut off from him, but slowly starting to accept Antara as her daughter as well). Antara in the meantime is seen as crazy by those who do not know, including other mothers (and the serial unnecessarily shows some of the mothers as being very bitchy). Antara shows off some special skills in terms of artistic prowess.
Currently, Aditya is getting stuck in several problems. He was trying to earn some money on the side, but that is not working out. Further, most critically, Antara is now lost, and Aditya is going mad looking for her. Will he be able to find her, or will the serial go in for a time leap ?

Videos of Aapki Antara on Youtube:

Aapki Antara - 28th Aug 2009 - Part 1 - HD

Aapki Antara - 28th Aug 2009 - Part 2 - HD

Aapki Antara - 28th Aug 2009 - Part 3 - HD

Links that point to autism / autistic resources in India:
Autism Society of India

Zynah Vastani (Antara)
Prabhleen Sandhu (Vidya Verma )
Darshan Pandya (Aditya Verma )
Rupali Ganguly (Anuradha)
Aarav Velhal (Billu Gupta)
Sujata Kumar (Anatara's grandmother)

More about autistic children:
Autism is a brain development disorder characterized by impaired social interaction and communication, and by restricted and repetitive behavior. These signs all begin before a child is three years old. Autism involves many parts of the brain; how this occurs is not well understood. Although early behavioral or cognitive intervention can help children gain self-care, social, and communication skills, there is no known cure. Overt symptoms gradually begin after the age of six months, become established by age two or three years, and tend to continue through adulthood, although often in more muted form. People with autism have social impairments and often lack the intuition about others that many people take for granted. Autistic infants show less attention to social stimuli, smile and look at others less often, and respond less to their own name. Autistic toddlers differ more strikingly from social norms; for example, they have less eye contact and turn taking, and are more likely to communicate by manipulating another person's hand.
Autistic individuals display many forms of repetitive or restricted behavior such as:
- Stereotypy is repetitive movement, such as hand flapping, making sounds, head rolling, or body rocking.
- Compulsive behavior is intended and appears to follow rules, such as arranging objects in a stacks or lines.
- Sameness is resistance to change; for example, insisting that the furniture not be moved or refusing to be interrupted.
- Ritualistic behavior involves an unvarying pattern of daily activities, such as an unchanging menu or a dressing ritual. This is closely associated with sameness and an independent validation has suggested combining the two factors.
- Restricted behavior is limited in focus, interest, or activity, such as preoccupation with a single television program, toy, or game.
- Self-injury includes movements that injure or can injure the person, such as eye poking, skin picking, hand biting, and head banging. A 2007 study reported that self-injury at some point affected about 30% of children.

Natural Body Scrubs for Healthy Skin

Body scrubs have always been a beauty must. Body scrubs have proliferated lately, with recipes including grains, nut shells, sea shells, salts and other minerals scrape-scrape-scraping away the layers and leaving fresh, new skin behind.

* 2/3 cup ground nuts or seeds (see helpful hints).
* 1/3 cup oatmeal, brown rice flour, or whole wheat flour.
* Enough liquid to make a paste (water, yogurt, milk or aloe vera gel).
* 1/2 to 1 teaspoon herbs (lavender, for example)–optional.
Combine the dry ingredients in a blender until they are reduced to a coarse meal. Pour the meal into a glass jar with a screw top. When you want to have a body scrub, scoop out about 1/4 cup‚s worth of the meal, and place it in a bowl. Stir in enough of the liquid to make a paste. Scoop up the paste with your hands or a washcloth, and rub over your body. Store the glass jar with the meal in the freezer.

* 1/2 cup Sugar.
* Any cold pressed oil (olive / sunflower / peanut) enough to dampen the mixture.
Mix the ingredients well and gently massage this scrub all over the body. Use a light soaping before shower and then rinse. Repeat twice a month.

3. BODY SCRUB FORMULA 3 - Anti wrinkle scrub
Mash 1/2 paw paw with 4 Tbsp rice flour. A few drops of orange oil and mix well. Apply to face, lightly scrubbing in circular movements. Don't leave on face for than 5-10 minutes. Moisturize with natural plant oil. Rinse well.

4. BODY SCRUB FORMULA 4 - Anti toxin Srub
Mash 1/2 punnet of Strawberries with 4 Tbsp rice flour. Apply to face, lightly scrubbing in circular movements. Don't leave on face for longer than 5-10 minutes. Moisturize with natural plant oil. Rinse well.

* Turmeric powder, 1 tsp
* Citrus blend, 2 Tbsp
* Apricot kernels, grounded, 1 Tbsp
* Glycerine soap, powdered,1 Tbsp
* Aloe vera gel, 1 Tbsp
* Almond oil or Rice bran oil, 1Tbsp
* Sandalwood oil, 1 tsp
Mix all the ingredients well, add water, and apply.

* 8 Cups turbinado (raw) or light brown sugar.
* 1 ½ to 2 Cups avocado, untoasted sesame oil or jojoba oil.
* ½ to 1 Cup apricot or peach kernel oil.
* Essential oil (we used ginger and vanilla).
* honey for smoothing the texture.
Mix well and apply.

Natural Home Tips For Glowing Skin

For a healthy, radiant and glowing skin you just need to open your kitchen cabinet and with a couple of minutes your can make some very effective natural beauty products. Many of the items in your kitchen can provide natural skin care that even those expensive, chemical filled beauty cosmetics and products do not provide that cost a big portion of your pocket money.

- Take a teaspoon of urad dal (a type of cereal) and 5-6 almonds in a cup and soak it for a night. Then make it a paste through the grinding and apply it on the face for an hour. This mask can enhance the complexion of the skin and nourishes the facial skin.
- Egg yolk mixed with honey makes a good face mask. Put it on your skin, leave it on for 20 minutes, and rinse off. It is excellent for sensitive skins.
- Mash avocados, smooth it onto your face, and rinse off after 20 minutes. It is a great treatment for dry skin.
- Mix honey, lemon and vegetable oil for a great home made moisturizer for your dry skin. Apply this concoction for 10 minutes.
- A paste of red sandalwood with honey can be applied on the skin to erase the scars on the skin.
- Pure castor oil can be applied on the skin to prevent the wrinkles and to soften the skin.
- Raw potato rubbing can remove the marks and pigments on the skin.
- Use of mint juice in a regular basis can remove the stains on the skin.
- Vitamin C can prevent the oxidation of tissue. Put a vitamin C rich tablet in a half tablespoon of water. After getting it cool mix with a small amount of eye cream, and apply it under the eye and also around the mouth.
- A powerful face mask can be made with Cucumber, Papaya, Sandalwood, and Pineapple to increase the glazing of your skin and also to prevent the skin disorders.
- A mixture of tomato juice and one teaspoon of lemon juice can be applied to the face to make the skin soft and glowing.
- Mix corn (polenta) flour with egg white and apply on your face. When your face is dried completely in about 1/2 an hour, put your fingers in warm water and massage your face. Repeat daily for 10-15 days.
- Grind 50 grams (around half a cup) of cabbage and extract the juice. Apply this on your face. After it dries, wash with cool water and wipe dry. This helps tighten your skin and prevents wrinkles.
- Whenever eating an apple, do not discard the skin. Use it as a skin cleanser. Just rub the inner side of the peel in an upward direction and let your face dry. Then, wash with cool water and pat dry. This helps tighten your skin.
- Apply coconut water and thick pineapple juice mixture for 15 minutes and pat dry.

Some tips for dry skin:
- Do not use an astringent or a toner containing alcohol.
- Avoid the sun, harsh winds and hot baths i.e do not wash your face with hot water.
- Do not use medicated soap; use creamy and soft beauty soaps.
For your blackheads around the nose:
- Take 1 tsp of beauty grains or oatmeal and mix with rosewater. Rub the mixture gently on the skin with special attention paid to your nose and problem areas. This will help to dislodge hardened sebum. Leave to dry for a few minutes and then wash with cold water.

- Fibre: This indigestible carbohydrate is concentrated in the peel and rinds of fruits and vegetables and in the outer layers of grains and pulses. Fibre rich promote radiant glossy skin and clear eyes.
- Water: Drink 7-8 glasses of water daily.
- Vitamin A : t encourages bright, healthy eyes, contributes to hair growth and discourages dandruff, keeps your skin healthy and prevents acne and also makes nails strong. A deficiency of Vitamin A causes rough scaly skin, brittle nails and inflamed eye lid. Vitamin A is found in pineapple, mango, strawberries, carrots, spinach, tomatoes, green leafy, milk, cream, cheese, butter, yoghurt, chicken and fish.
- Vitamin B : Deficiency of this vitamin can cause acne, excessive weight, dandruff, falling hair, and malfunctioning of the digestive system. Vitamin B is found in meat, liver, fish, poultry, lentils, cabbage, peas, beans, potatoes, coconut, milk, tomato, orange, bran, oatmeal, rye, almonds, nuts, peanuts.
- Vitamin C : Deficiency of this vitamin can cause skin eruptions.If taken in sufficient amounts, this Vitamin cures health problems, helps reduce weight, and encourages healthy bones, gums and body tissue. Vitamin C is present in tomato, potato, carrot, turnip, cabbage, lemon, orange, grapes, banana, mango, amla.
- Vitamin D : Adequate supply of Vitamin D prevents premature ageing. The deficiency of this vitamin can cause rickets, acne and brittle bones. Vitamin D is present in Cod liver oil, milk, cheese, yoghurt, eggs.
- Vitamin E : Besides helping cure hair problems, Vitamin E aids fertility and prevents premature ageing. Vitamin E is present in eggs, vegetable oils, peanut and wheatgerm oil, margarine.

Ear ache - Natural Home Remedy

Earache refers to the inflammation of the middle ear or the outer ear. It usually occurs due to cold and is most common in winters and spring months. It is most prevalent among children. In severe cases the infections and aches can cause hearing loss.

Causes of ear aches :
· infection of the middle ear.
· colds.
· allergies.
· sinus infections.
· buildup of ear wax or fluid.
· something stuck in the ear.
· teeth problems.
· ear injuries.
· changes in air pressure in a plane.
It is observed that earache is more common in the nighttime than during the day. This is because during the nighttime, the person lies down and stops using the throat muscles. Due to this, the Eustachian tubes can get more congested and hence there is more feeling of pain.

- Put few drops of 3% hydrogen peroxide in each ear for 10 minutes. It will help curing the infection.
- Warm onion juice and put 2-3 drops in each ear. This is simple and effective home remedy for earache.
- Puncture a piece of garlic and pour the juice in the ear. Garlic being a natural antibiotic will help to take the pain away.
- Warm some sesame oil and immerse a few leaves of the castor plant. Dab this oil around the ear.
- Take some oil of ajwain and sesame seeds in the ratio of 1:3. Warm this mixture and apply it in the ear. Four drops of this would be effective in treating earache.
- Grind some basil leaves to form a paste. Warm this at room temperature. Once it becomes at a bearable temperature, put four to five drops of this oil in the ears.
- Take a few mango leaves and extract the juice. Warm this juice a little and apply it on the ear putting four drops at each ear. This would help cure earache.
- Chop a radish into small pieces. Immerse this into mustard oil and warm it. Store this oil in a glass bottle and put a few drops when there is pain.
- Extract some ginger juice and put a few drops of it in the ear. Warm this and put four drops of it. This would help treat earache.
- If the earache is due to flying, pop in some candy or chewing gum. Work the throat muscle as this would relieve from the earache.
- Add fenugreek seed to mustard or linseed oil. Warm this oil and filter it. Once cooled, put it in each ear in four to five drops.
- The following remedy works if there is a discharge of pus from the ears along with the pain. Take a piece of the guggulu herb (Commiphora wightii) and burn it. Extinguish it before it burns completely. It will start smoking. Let this smoke enter into the affected ear. This will reduce the pain and also stop the pus from oozing out. This is one of the earache home remedies.

Diet for ear ache - Intake of good amount of vitamin C fights infection.

Shortest-Job-First (SJF) Scheduling

Shortest-Job-First (SJF) is a non-preemptive discipline in which waiting job (or process) with the smallest estimated run-time-to-completion, is run next. In other words, when CPU is available, it is assigned to the process that has smallest next CPU burst. The SJF scheduling is especially appropriate for batch jobs for which the run times are known in advance. Since the SJF scheduling algorithm gives the minimum average time for a given set of processes, it is probably optimal. The SJF algorithm favors short jobs (or processors) at the expense of longer ones.

Example :
Process Burst time Arrival
P1 6 0
P2 8 0
P3 7 0
P4 3 0
Gantt chart: Order P1, P2, P3, P4
| P4 | P1 | P3 | P2 |
0 3 9 16 24
Average waiting time: (0+3+16+9)/4 = 7
With FCFS: (0+6+(6+8)+(6+8+7))/4 = 10.25

Problem: SJF minimizes the average wait time because it services small processes before it services large ones. While it minimizes average wiat time, it may penalize processes with high service time requests. If the ready list is saturated, then processes with large service times tend to be left in the ready list while small processes receive service. In extreme case, where the system has little idle time, processes with large service times will never be served. This total starvation of large processes may be a serious liability of this algorithm.

CPU / Process Scheduling

CPU scheduling is the basis of multi-programmed operating systems. By switching the CPU among processes, the operating system can make the computer more productive. A multiprogramming operating system allows more than one process to be loaded into the executable memory at a time and for the loaded process to share the CPU using time-multiplexing.

Goals for Scheduling :
* Utilization/Efficiency: keep the CPU busy 100% of the time with useful work.
* Throughput: maximize the number of jobs processed per hour.
* Turnaround time: from the time of submission to the time of completion, minimize the time batch users must wait for output.
* Waiting time: Minimize the waiting time i.e. sum of times spent in ready queue.
* Response Time: time from submission till the first response is produced, minimize response time for interactive users.
* Fairness: make sure each process gets a fair share of the CPU.

Some goals can be met by incorporating a notion of priority into a “base” scheduling discipline. Each job in the ready pool has an associated priority value; the scheduler favors jobs with higher priority values.
External priority values:
• imposed on the system from outside.
• reflect external preferences for particular users or tasks.
“All jobs are equal, but some jobs are more equal than others.”
• Example: Unix nice system call to lower priority of a task.
• Example: Urgent tasks in a real-time process control system.

Internal priority: system adjusts priority values internally as as an implementation technique within the scheduler. It improves fairness, resource utilization, freedom from starvation.
• drop priority of jobs consuming more than their share
• boost jobs that already hold resources that are in demand
e.g., internal sleep primitive in Unix kernels
• boost jobs that have starved in the recent past
• typically a continuous, dynamic, readjustment in response to observed conditions and events may be visible and controllable to other parts of the system.

Scheduling policies may be preemptive or non-preemptive.
* Non-Preemptive: Non-preemptive algorithms are designed so that once a process enters the running state(is allowed a process), it is not removed from the processor until it has completed its service time ( or it explicitly yields the processor).
* Preemptive: Preemptive algorithms are driven by the notion of prioritized computation. The process with the highest priority should always be the one currently using the processor. If a process is currently using the processor and a new process with a higher priority enters, the ready list, the process on the processor should be removed and returned to the ready list until it is once again the highest-priority process in the system.

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Hindi Serial - Jai Shri Krishna on Colors - Krishna finally slays Kans

The serial Jai Shri Krishna on Colors moved away from the child like cute stage some months ago, and started showing the older, teenager age Krishna. In this age, he started showing more of his powers and god behavior, getting rid of the snake Kaaliya from the river (the snake was poisoning the water of the river); it was also becoming clear that his uncle (the ruler of Mathura, Kans) was determined to destroy him by any means. However, none of these plans were successful.
Finally, the inevitable happened. Kans calls Krishna to Mathura, identifying him as his nephew, something that Yashoda would not have easily accepted; however, it was the destiny of Lord Krishna to finally meet Kans, and so it happened. Krishna, accompanied by his brother Balram, finally went to Mathura, and withstood all attempts by Kans to destroy him. Eventually, Krishna over-powered Kans in a single battle, and along with Balram, takes over the running of Mathura.

Videos of Jai Shri Krishna on Colors (on Youtube) - episode where Lord Krishna kills Kans

Jai Shri Krishna [271st Episode] - 24th Aug 09 part 1

Jai Shri Krishna [271st Episode] - 24th Aug 09 part 2

5 photo tips for taking photos at noon

Tip 1 (Look for the shade): Even on a bright sunny day, you will always find places that are in the shade. Being in the shade allows you to be much more comfortable while taking the photo, and there is normally ample light available in the shade.

Tip 2 (Get closer): If you can get closer to the object that you are taking a photo of (obviously, this does not apply if you taking landscape photos), you reduce the probability of getting those unwanted shadows into the photo. As the object of your photo grows larger in your photo, you start to eliminate the sky from the photo.

Tip 3 (Use passing clouds): If you are trying to take a photo at high noon or in broad daylight, keep an eye out for the passage of clouds overhead. For objects such as flowers, nature, and even for elements such as buildings, the passing of clouds reduces the effect of sharp light.

Tip 4 (Use fill flash for portraits): Sounds very strange, with so much bright light, to use the flash of the camera (Fill flash - Fill flash is a photographic technique used to brighten deep shadow areas, typically outdoors on sunny days. To use fill flash, the aperture and shutter speed are adjusted to correctly expose the background, and the flash is fired to lighten the foreground). However, harsh daylight can cause faces and other details to become less clear, and a fill flash enhances those details.

Tip 5 (Avoid pointing the camera to the sun): This is a very important rule. If the sun comes into the photo, then the bright light overshadows everything else, so you will need to plan the light levels properly if you want to have the sun in the photo. The sun in the photo also means that there is a chance of getting a sun flare that can look ugly.

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Overview of Threads

A thread is an encapsulation of the flow of control in a program. Most people are used to writing single-threaded programs - that is, programs that only execute one path through their code "at a time". Multi-threaded programs may have several threads running through
different code paths "simultaneously".
A thread is similar to the sequential programs: a single thread also has a beginning, an end, a sequence, and at any given time during the run time of the thread there is a single point of execution. However, a thread itself is not a program--it cannot run on its own--but runs within a program.

Why use threads?
Threads should not alter the semantics of a program. They simply change the timing of operations. As a result, they are almost always used as an elegant solution to performance related problems. Here are some examples of situations where you might use threads :
* Doing lengthy processing: When a windows application is calculating it cannot process any more messages. As a result, the display cannot be updated.
* Doing background processing: Some tasks may not be time critical, but need to execute continuously.
* Doing I/O work: I/O to disk or to network can have unpredictable delays. Threads allow you to ensure that I/O latency does not delay unrelated parts of your application.

In the program, some operations incur a potentially large delay or CPU hogging, but this delay or CPU usage is unacceptable for other operations; they need to be serviced now.
* Making use of multiprocessor systems: You can't expect one application with only one thread to make use of two or more processors! Chapter 3 explains this in more detail.
* Efficient time sharing: Using thread and process priorities, you can ensure that everyone gets a fair allocation of CPU time.

Similarities between process and threads :
* Like processes threads share CPU and only one thread active (running) at a time.
* Like processes, threads within a processes, threads within a processes execute sequentially.
* Like processes, thread can create children.
* And like process, if one thread is blocked, another thread can run.

Differences between process and threads :
* Unlike processes, threads are not independent of one another.
* Unlike processes, all threads can access every address in the task.
* Unlike processes, thread are design to assist one other. Note that processes might or might not assist one another because processes may originate from different users.