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Friday, June 20, 2008

Successful Home Preserving - Canning

Once seen as the only way to ensure an adequate food supply for the family from harvest to the following year, home preserving for many folks has since become more of a hobby rather than a need. For others, preserving the garden harvest extends the food budget and supply, while minimizing food waste.
The health conscious and those with food allergies or special dietary restrictions can reap additional benefits from home preserving because they can control or eliminate the sugar, food coloring, flavorings and other additives found in prepared foods.
A lot of information about this can be found at this site (link)
You can preserve foods at home safely even on a tight budget with basic equipment, a few ingredients, fresh foods and of course, time. It should be expected that occasionally, production costs can outweigh the finished product. An example would be to find that after canning a few high cost store-bought peaches, you've only produced 4 quarts of canned fruit. But the taste of those peaches would be superb.
Tips and methods can be found at this site.

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