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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Erase Hard Drives, Certified Data Erasure

Compliance regulations (HIPAA, Sarbanes Oxley SOX, etc.) mandate the secure erasure of all files and data that are subject to federal regulation. Failure to prevent unauthorized disclosure of privileged information can result in serious civil and criminal liability.
CyberScrub provides a wide array of hard drive erasure solutions. These products use erase methods that meet and exceed requirements set by the US Department of Defense (US DoD 5220.22) to ensure total data destruction.
cyberCide is designed for full disk sanitization, and may be deployed locally or over the network. Detailed log files, providing hard drive serial numbers, dates/times of erasure, erase method used, technician, bad sectors and other data is generated to be parsed into your compliance, audit and inventory reports. CyberCide may be run from command-lines and modified per your specifications as applicable.

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