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Wednesday, June 4, 2008


The most exciting case of handcuff difficulties was reported in the New Statesman in 1978.

It arose while a British circuit judge was trying a burglar in whose possession a pair of handcuffs had been found.

'I thought,' said the judge, 'that the jury might be interested to know how handcuffs could be used to incapacitate a victim.'

Brushing aside protests of the prosecuting council, he clasped one handcuff around his left wrist. 'And now,' he said, 'if I take the other handcuff...Oh do be quiet, Mr Smith (addressed to the agitated prosecutor), I am going to show the jury how these things work.'

Only when the judge was completely fettered did he learn that the police had not yet recovered the keys.

The hearing was adjourned while the judge was led off to the tender mercies of the local blacksmith.

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