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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Joke: Staying at a kosher hotel

Old man Willy Blumenfeld was getting on in years. His son, Harold, had done well financially in ladies' underwear.

He asked his father if he'd like to go down to Miami Beach. He thought it would be good for the old man to have companionship and balmy weather as well in his declining years.

The old man was pleased but consented to go only if he could be at a Kosher hotel. And so Harold made reservations at the Sterling Hotel and put his father on a plane for Miami Beach.

His son phoned him once a week and everyone seemed happy. Some weeks later, Harold had to make a business trip south and decided to drop in on pop unannounced as a surprise.

When he got to the Sterling Hotel, there was no sign of old man Blumenfeld.

He asked the desk clerk if he had any idea where his father might be and he was told he might try room 402 at the Sans Souci. Harold hopped into a cab and headed for the Sans Souci. He learned at the desk that room 402 was occupied by a Miss Peggy Murphy.

Harold rushed up to room 402, knocked at the door which was opened by a tall, sparsely dressed redhead. And there was papa in a bathrobe!

Harold was furious! Unable to contain himself, he screamed, "Papa, I'm so shocked I don't know what to say! An old religious man like you! And you insisted yet you must stay at a Kosher hotel!"

The old man looked at him as if crazy and said, "So, what are you getting so excited for? I don't eat here!"

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