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Saturday, October 4, 2014

Humor: You Might Be a Bad Driver If...

Your friends would rather walk five miles barefoot on asphalt in 110 degree heat than accept a ride from you.

You go to leave the frat party stone sober and your room-mate still insists on hiding your keys and calling a cab.

People ask you about "the accident", and you say, which one?

You've ever changed a full set of clothes and/or re-done your makeup while on the freeway.

You slow down when coming to green lights... and speed up on yellow.

You hit a tree and your brother tells you your getting rusty because you missed the center of the car by a fraction of an inch.

You take your eyes off the road and both hands off the steering wheel to help your passenger put on their seat belt while driving 65 MPH down the freeway.

You use your knees for steering more than your hands.

You think red lights & stop signs are a suggestion

The police carry separate tickets with your information filled out already.

You get pulled over for drunk driving and you are stone sober.

You think you have a flat when you hear thump, thump It's actually just you clipping the orange and white barrels.

Curb? What curb?

You are the only car in the parking lot and you STILL hit a light pole. 

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