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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Joke: Whom to hire

Two manufacturers requiring a private secretary called in a psychologist.

After testing more than thirty applicants, the psychologist
eliminated all but three of them.

In the final test, the first girl was called in. "How much is three
and three the dome-prober asked.

"Six," she replied.

The second girl was asked the same question and replied, "It could be

The third one answered, "It could be six and it could be thirty-three."

When the girls left the room, the psychologist turned proudly to the
partners and said, "That's logic for you.

You noted that the first girl had the obvious answer, the second girl
showed more imagination, and the third showed both practicality and
imagination. Now which girl will you hire?"

The partners moved over to the opposite corner of the room, conferred
briefly and then announced their decision. "We'll take the blonde in
the sweater."

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