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Friday, November 28, 2014

Funny: You know you have a BIG dog when...

* The sound of running water makes you jump up and yell, "OUTSIDE!"

* You tell your dog to sit, and he backs up until he finds a chair.

* It takes 3 people to get your dog on the scale at the vets.

* You walk your dog and everyone knows him by name, but you have no idea who these people are.

* You carry a tape measure with you when shopping for a new vehicle.

* You have given up on water dishes and you just use the bathtub.

* You've learned to force a smile when asked "do you have a saddle for that thing?"

* Your veterinarian has been able to put in a swimming pool, build a large home, buy jet skis and a vacation home in Florida.

* You're holding him straddled between your legs when the doorbell rings and you find yourself quickly transported straight to the front door. 

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