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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Joke: Baby with big ears

I was the nurse caring for a couple's newborn first child, a son, after his cesarean birth.  Since the mother was asleep under general anesthesia, we took our tiny charge directly to the newborn nursery to introduce him to his daddy.

While cuddling his son for the first time, he noticed the baby's ears conspicuously standing out from his head.  He expressed his concern that some kids might call his son names like "Dumbo."

The pediatrician reassured the new dad that his son was healthy and the ears could be easily corrected during childhood.  The father still worried about his wife's reaction to those large protruding ears.  "She doesn't take things as easily as I do," he worried.

By this time, the new mother was ready to meet her precious son.  I placed the tiny bundle in his mother's arms and eased the blanket back so that she could gaze upon her child for the first time.

She took one look at her baby's face and looked to her husband and gasped, "Oh, Honey!  Look!  He has your ears!"

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