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Sunday, June 14, 2009

India - Hindi Serial - Uttaran - the departure and re-arrival of Tapasya

Uttaran had a major scene ongoing for the past 2 weeks. The adored and pampered daughter of the house, Tapasya had been getting very jealous over the treatment that her parents had been according to Ichcha. Ever since the confrontation where Jogi Thakur was discovered to have been in the car when Damini's husband was killed in an accident many years back, Jogi Thakur (Ayub Khan) and his wife Divya have taken on much more responsibility for Damini and Ichcha and have got Ichcha admitted to the same school as Tapasya. Initially, Tapasya is happy, but as she sees that her parents are sharing their love now with Ichcha and her young mind is unable to understand that this does not mean that they love Tapasya less, she starts to hate Ichcha for taking the love of her parents.
In all this, Mausiji also keeps on provoking Tapasya, to the extent that Tapasya is now looking for a way to get Ichcha out of the house. She gets an opportunity when they go to the zoo for a school trip, and is there that Tapasya leaves Ichcha behind deliberately. Ichcha gets left behind, and wanders through the night, scared and dehydrated, entering the forest. She gets found over in the morning, and is then brought home. Then, even though Ichcha does not take Tapasya's name, Jogi Thakur starts believing that Tapasya is behind this, and Tapasya admits this when she is questioned.
Jogi Thakur is very angry at this, and decides that Tapasya has done something extraordinary for which she needs to be held responsible, and decides to send her to boarding school, so that she gets out of her current spoilt behavior. At the same time, he gives a harsh warning to Mausiji to not interfere any more and poison Tapasya's mind even more. Tapasya does not like going to boarding school, but is taken and is not liking the place. Eventually, she gets gets sick and is brought home.

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