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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Mitsubishi HC5500 1080p LCD Home Theater Projector

Black reproduction is the key to stunning home theater and the HC5500 LCD projector brings more life to your screen with faster transitions between light and dark scenes and sharper overall details in dark areas. This portable home theater projector projects at a full HD(1920 x 1080) 1080p resolution. Digital video output gives you seamless performance with the Blu-ray 24P next generation optical disk. And a 1.2x powered zoom and focus lens lets you enjoy the big screen even in smaller spaces.

Technical Details
* Native 1080p High Definition Projector
* 1200 ANSI Lumnes
* Auto Zoom and focus
* 14,000:1 contrast ratio
* 2 HDMI Inputs

Mitsubishi HC5500 1080p LCD Home Theater Projector

Price, contrast, clear picture, easy setup and menu.
Overheats if above 5000 ft, pictures gets washed out VERY quickly if there's ambient light in the room.

To summarize, some things I wish this projector had:
- Manual zoom/focus option.
- More brightness (lumens output).
- More intuitive menu structure.
- Have more frequently used functions be on the remote vs. buried somewhere in the menus.
- Better manual.

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