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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Cowon S9 16 GB Video MP3 Player with Touchscreen (Chrome/Black)

With its stylish, curved-back ergonomic design, the 16 GB Cowon S9 video MP3 player is quite the eye-catcher, and the perfect way to enjoy your favorite movies, TV shows, photos, and music on the go. With the S9 resting comfortably in your hand, you'll enjoy a vibrant 3.3-inch widescreen touchscreen display, Bluetooth support for wireless devices, a voice recorder with built-in microphone, FM radio/recorder, and plenty more, proving that the S9's beauty is way more than skin deep.

Technical Details
* 16 GB capacity for about 4,000 songs.
* 55 hours of audio or 11 hours of video on a single charge.
* 3.3-inch, 16-million color AMOLED display with 480 x 272 pixel resolution.
* Supports MP3, WMA, OGG, FLAC, WAV, and APE audio formats; AVI and WMV video formats; JPEG image formats.
* 1-year limited warranty.

Cowon S9 16 GB Video MP3 Player with Touchscreen (Chrome/Black)


1. 3.3-Inch AMOLED Display.
2. Intuitive Touchscreen Interface.
3. Video Player.
4. Music Player.
5. JetEffect Music Enhancement
6. Dial in the perfect sound no matter what you're listening to with Cowon's various enhancement tools:
* BBE: clarifies music.
* Mach3Bass: enhances low-frequency bass spectrum.
* MP Enhance: restores distorted digital music.
* 3D Surround: provides 3D sound effect.
* 5-Band EQ: customizable equalizer with adjustable band and bandwidth filter.
7. FM Radio and Recorder.
8. Photo and Document Viewer.
9. Bluetooth Freedom.
10.Digital Clock with Alarm.
11.Voice Recording.
12.Energy Efficient Entertainment.
13.Flash Player.

-Sound Quality is the best I've heard personally from a portable music player.
-incredible battery life 11 hr video 55hr music.
-The video quality from the AMOLED screen is amazing.
-Strong but very light.
-CORNING GORILLA GLASS covers the screen, not plastic. Incredibly strong.

-Default user interface is poor in places (coverflow, but that can be disabled now) and good in others. However, there are many user interfaces being made by owners and designers already, so they can be changed.

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