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Friday, June 26, 2009

Jyoti - the marriage happens

Jyoti is a serial on NDTV Imagine that takes the life of a girl who is struggling to help all those who depend on her, but who has to face obstacles at many walks of life. After being almost evicted from her house, Jyoti was finally finding happiness, getting married to Pankaj, who is blind, but who is very loving. And she finds more happiness, but you know for sure that something bad will happen later, after all, the serial depends on showing her struggling and still keeping her good faith and nature intact.
Even though she is separated from her family, they find out about her marriage, and all of them decide to go for the marriage other than the mother Padma, and obviously her sister Susham (and Sushma's husband Brij).
So, the family members land up at the marriage, and after some initial struggle with the guards at the gate, they meet Jyoti and also have a good meeting with Pankaj's family members. Of course, there are the usual set of guests at the marriage who can do nothing but gossip, and they are speculating on how Pankaj managed to land such a beautiful girl; and then start speculating on why the family members of the girl were not there at the wedding.
In another coincidence, Sushma and Brij had been hired to perform at the marriage, and they did not know that this was supposed to be Jyoti's wedding. When they see Jyoti at the wedding, they are shocked, and go back. In the end, when Padma is missing not being present at Jyoti's marriage, Sushma calls up (with Brij having drunk, and now being frustrated and drunk), and tries to provoke Padma against Jyoti.

Video of scene at Jyoti's marriage on June 24, 2009

Part 1;

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

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