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Friday, June 19, 2009

Onkyo CBX-300 CD Receiver System

The second-generation CBX-300 CD receiver system is a rewarding blend of style, direct iPod integration and superb music performance. As with its predecessor, the focus has been on providing an accomplished mix of CD, MP3, WMA, iPod, and radio playback. It sports a black saran net across the entire frontage, giving it greater appeal wherever you decide to place it--in your bedroom, living room, kitchen or office. The CBX-300's construction supports exemplary audio fidelity, especially for the low-end frequencies. The design also incorporates speaker developments such as Onkyo's own OMF (Onkyo Micro Fiber) diaphragms and Aero Acoustic Drive--technology you'll find in some of Onkyo's separate speakers.The dual portholes channel air through the system and provide deeper lows. the integrated CD player can also output MP3 and WMA file formats.The iPod dock connector is hidden beneath a flap on the upper side of the dock.

Onkyo CBX-300 CD Receiver System

Technical Details
* Plays CDs, MP3-Encoded CDs and WMA-Encoded CDs*
* Enables Playback of iPod Audio,Video and Photos Through Built-in Dock
* 4-Mode Preset EQ Function (Standard, Dynamic, Vocal, Clear)
* Active Bass Control Circuit to Improve Audio Performance
* 30 FM/AM Presets

1. All-in-oneness.
2. Integrated CD player.
3. Concealed dock connector.
Boxy and bulky too.

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