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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Epson EX50 3LCD Multimedia Projector, XGA, 2200 Lumens

Ready for action in the office or on the go, the Epson EX50 delivers amazing color and image quality with ease. It ensures razor-sharp detail for flawless presentations, HD movies and more. With 2200 lumens, XGA resolution and Epson 3LCD, 3-chip technology. Whatever the application, the EX50 makes it easy. Quickly connect to any computer with all-new Plug ‘n Play USB 2.0 connectivity. With this simple setup, anyone can use a standard USB cable to connect and project without the hassle of computer function keys, bulky VGA cables or tedious screw-in knobs. The lightweight EX50 is ready wherever your presentations take you. And, if you choose to install your projector, the EX50 shuts down quickly at the flip of a switch. Perfect for the boardroom or living room, the EX50 also includes a VGA-to-component video adapter for easy, high-quality connection to home entertainment devices such as DVD players, gaming consoles and more.
With advanced USB cable connectivity, exclusively from Epson, you get no hassle, USB Plug n’ Play set up. No more pressing computer function keys to display an image. Just plug in a USB cable and go! Or, you can chose to maintain control over your presentation with the page up/page down function on the remote control

Epson EX50 3LCD Multimedia Projector, XGA, 2200 Lumens


Better Details for Better Results:
Stunning, razor-sharp detail; HD-ready -- native XGA resolution, up to 1600 x 1200
Rich, vibrant color -- 3-chip optical engine
Reliable performance -- 3LCD technology
Super bright and colorful -- 2200 lumens color, 2200 lumens white1
Automatic picture adjustment -- automatic keystone correction and 1.2x optical zoom

Greater Efficiency with Advanced Features:
Plug ‘n Play no hassle setup -- Instantly projects images form a PC via USB connection
Quick, convenient control -- Sleep Mode, Instant Off®/On, Direct Power On/Off
Flexibility without added costs -- included carrying case, remote control and component video adapter
Ultra long life -- up to 4000-hour lamp life, low power consumption2

Customer feedback:

1. I am a neophyte when it comes to using overhead projectors, but took a chance on this one. I was able to use the USB cord (included) to do a power presentation for a meeting, only 24 hours after the projector arrived. It was truly "plug & play." A few days later, I needed to present a video clip to an audience. When I checked it out, I discovered that in videos, the USB cord was inadequate. So, I tried the "external monitor" cord (also included) and the situation was quickly resolved!
There were no worries about buying the right cords to connect anything, and there was no problem in getting it set up. It works well in a "dimly lit room." It has a nice feature that turns off the light (but not the projector) when the front cover is closed, and it is "instantly cool" after turned off. Besides the cords, it comes with its own carrying case and a cd with a manual to install on your computer.

2. I really like the features and user interface that Epson models use. Pretty easy to use and learn right out of the box, I didn't even look at the manual. This unit does have a USB connection for your computer, but I used the vga cable that came with the unit, and s-video for playing games/dvd's etc. Nice, bright picture, good contrast. Fairly quiet as projectors go. Warms up fast and instant power down. Comes with a remote and various cables (usb, vga, vga to component adaptor).
In my opinion, this is the best VALUE XGA projector for the price. Sure you can find some entry level projectors in the $400 range, but they are native SVGA, not XGA. That makes a big difference when hooking up your computer or video games.

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