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Monday, June 22, 2009

Hindi Serials - Information on Ladies Special - the comedy show on Zee TV

Comedy shows are many on TV right now, and they happen on every channel. Another such comedy show happens on Zee TV, called "Hasne Hasaane ka Tonic - Ladies Special". This is a new standup comedy show on Zee TV that provides women a platform to project their point of view through the medium of humor. Based on the numerous saas-bahu shows, audiences have only seen women cry / plot / scheme on screen; this time they will see them make everyone laugh. Ladies Special is the search for ‘India’s Funniest Female Stand-Up Comedian’ and has eight contestants and three challengers. The contestants find try to find humor in mundane stories from daily life and present a unique perspective on domestic issues, saas-bahu relationships, cricket and politics.

Hosted by: Swapnil Joshi

The Judges:
Baba Sehgal

Some highlights from behind the scenes:

- Special sarees are made for Tabassum which can weigh only up to 60 grams. This is because of injuries sustained on her legs because of which she also prefers coming ready from home. Despite her old age and the physical ailments, she is extremely enthusiastic & spirited and doesn’t lose any opportunity to crack jokes or dance with the contestants. In fact, she is the loudest one on the sets!

- Baba Sehgal & Tabassum have hit off very well with each other. They have a unique chemistry since she is from an older generation and is a like a motherly figure. This is the first time a Baba and Baby have come together as judges on a show (Tabassum is famously called as Baby Tabassum).

- Although Baba has taken on well in the new role of a judge in a stand up comedy show, his first passion remains music. He is seen jamming & singing with the live band in any break that he gets between shots. Swapnil joins in this enthusiastically and they keep everyone entertained on the sets.

- The trophy for the best performer every week is a unique golden belan that Tabassum gives to her favorite performer in every episode.

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