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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Archos 7 320 GB Internet Media Tablet

The Archos 7 redefines the high-end portable device with its ultra-thin design and a black stainless steel body, a high-resolution 7" touch screen, combined with the horsepower of a laptop from the world's first implementation of the ARM Cortex superscalar microprocessor. You can browse the Web in full width just like on your PC. No need to zoom in and out, web pages are fully displayed on the ARCHOS screen. Plus, with Adobe Flash 9 video support, you can natively browse video-sharing websites such as Dailymotion or YouTube. When you are at home and want to watch a movie or listen to music stored on your PC, just browse its hard drive wirelessly and play any file stored on it without transferring the file. Just stream it via your WiFi network and play it immediately on your ARCHOS. In less than 3 clicks, you can access nearly 1,000 Web TV channels, over 10,000 Web radio stations and 100,000 podcasts. There's no downloading wait time. Radio and TV start streaming right away from a worldwide list of traditional and independent radio and TV stations. Registration required for Internet usage. Please check the Archos site for details. Built-in speaker, and built-in leg stand Power source - Internal Lithium Polymer battery, device charges via computer USB port System Requirement - Microsoft Windows Vista, XP, ME, 2000 or higher, MAC OS X and Linux with Mass Storage Device Support, and USB 2.0 interface Dimensions - 7.48 x 4.33 x. 629 [ 190 x110 x 16 mm] Weight - 23 oz [640 grams].
Archos 7 320 GB Internet Media Tablet
Uncompromised Web Surfing in the Palm of Your Hand
With an 800-pixels-wide resolution and a 7-inch screen, you can browse the Web just as you would on your PC--no need to zoom in and out, the web pages are fully displayed on the Archos screen. Plus, with Adobe Flash 9 video support, you can natively browse video-sharing websites, such as Dailymotion and YouTube. The Archos IMTs boast enough processing power to surf the Web on the go, giving you the same browsing experience as your laptop.
Your Digital Library in a Thin Handheld Tablet
The Archos Media Club remains the easiest way to get video and music content on the go. With an even richer library with new partners and the biggest industry players, the Media Club lets you discover a large library of movies, documentaries, music, and games.Enjoy a great multimedia experience on the go with the high-resolution touch screen.View your photos in high resolution and make slide shows with music and transition effects for viewing on the Archos tablet or TV.
Experience the Best TV at Home
With the optional DVR Station,schedule and record TV shows and movies in one step using the included remote control. Just locate the TV show on the program guide grid and make a recording to enjoy later at home on your widescreen TV or in the palm of your hand.It will also turn your TV into a real multimedia platform connected to the Web. Enjoy all the Archos functions on the big screen of your living room. Watch your movies in HD (with the HD plug-in), listen to your music, share your high-resolution pictures, play games, or surf the Web.

Add-ons--Enhance Your Archos 7

* DVR Station
Record TV, play video back to your TV, and charge your Archos device via the DVR Station. With the included TV Program Guide, scheduling and recording from your satellite receiver, cable box, Digital TV adapter has never been so easy. You also can surf the Web or stream web video to your TV while comfortably laid back on your couch using the included remote control as a keyboard and mouse pointer.
* DVR Snap-on
Record from most any audio or video analog source on the move with the DVR Snap-on, a small device that's no bigger than a pack of gum.
* Mini Dock
Transfer your files directly from USB keys, digital cameras, or other portable media players with the Mini Dock. Quickly charge your Archos with the included charger/adapter. Play video out to your TV with video output in high quality S-Video or standard quality composite.
* Extra Battery
Double the battery life of your Archos 7 with an extra battery.
* Battery Dock
Benefit from all the great features of the Mini Dock and get extended playback with the built-in backup battery.
* Helmet Cam
Turn your Archos into a hands-free digital camcorder with the Helmet Cam, perfect for sports and family fun.
* FM Remote
A built-in FM receiver and microphone on the FM Remote let you listen to radio anywhere or make voice recordings.
* Protective Cases
Protect your Archos and show your style with a protective case.
* TV Snap-on (Available by end of 2008)
Watch live digital TV right on your Archos, record, and enjoy the time-shifting function.

Speed, Email, Better Screen, Better responsiveness
Weight,Most plug-ins still not free, No HD or 3G plug-ins available.

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