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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Worlds smallest Transistor created!

The smallest transistor measuring a little bigger than a molecule has been created by the scientists. This remarkable achievement could be a turning point in the development of super fast computer chips.

A team at the University of Manchester has produced the transistor which is created using the world’s thinnest material called graphene. This transistor is one atom thick and 10 atoms wide, and is the first true electronic nanocomponent.

The transistor is the key building block of microchips and the bass for almost all electronics.

Graphene is a single layer of graphite which is found in the pencil and could one day replace the silicon. Graphene was discovered by the same team which is the first known one atom thick material.

Graphene unlike other known materials remains highly stable and conductive even when it is cut into devices one nanometer wide. It’s a super material and has many potential applications.

It’s a flat molecule which is one atom thick and is very stable and robust.

Since it is transparent research is going on to use the same in display technology.

Smaller the transistor better they perform. Transistors made of graphene show advantages at sizes below 10 nanometers.

Graphene has many advantages over silicon because it conducts electricity faster and further.

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