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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Franklin SDU-320 Sudoku Puzzle

The Franklin SDU-320 Sudoku Puzzle provides millions of Sudoku puzzles, the game that has swept the nation. Sudoku is a game similar to a crossword puzzle that uses numbers instead of letters. No math is required and the game is simple to learn; anyone can pick it up and start.
This handheld device features a touchscreen display and a stylus, for easy input. Millions of computer generated puzzles are included. Additionally, there are also handcrafted puzzles by experts that enrich the experience by creating interesting solution processes for the puzzle enthusiast. You can choose from three different skill levels, and the device also features a puzzle builder and solver. The Franklin SDU-320 Sudoku Puzzle requires two G13 batteries (included).

Franklin SDU-320 Sudoku Puzzle

Technical Details:
- Electronic device will carry millions of Sudoku puzzles in your pocket
- Touchscreen display and stylus for easy input
- Three skill levels
- Includes handcrafted puzzles by experts, for enriched puzzle experience
- Measures 4.3 x 0.86 x 3.15 inches (WxHxD)

Customer feedback:

1. I did a lot of research before buying an electronic version and this game and this one seems to be the best one. Other than no backlight, which I don't really care about anyway, this one is great. The game is all controlled with the stylus. Just touch the empty slot with the stylus and touch the number you want in the slot. It's that simple. It has three levels of play with an endless supply of computer generated puzzles. It even has 400 pregenerated unique puzzles. And an added bonus is that you can take a puzzle from a newspaper or some other source and enter it into the game to solve electronically.

2. This particular unit has been around awhile (I also have one from London branded "number puzzle"), now rebranded by Franklin for an American release.
First, there is no backlight.
Second, some of the puzzles end where two answers are both correct, which drives some Sudoku purists nuts.
But these are the Only drawbacks.
The unit fits well in the hand, and is easy to use. You can put in your own puzzles, pause, Undo, and toggle sound.
I cannot imagine having a Sudoku handheld game whose screen isn't fully a touchpad, and which doesn't have the ability to put in puzzles from your favorite source! And I can't imagine I'm the only one either!

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