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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Giottos AA1900 Large Rocket Blaster

The rocket-shaped air-blowers are made of silical gel. They are very powerful and easy to use. Made from non-toxic, environmentally friendly material, these Super rocket-air blowers are resistant to both high and low temperatures while tear-proof. It has an air valve to prevent it from breathing in dust and blows out a powerful stream of air to blow dust away to make cleaning lenses, cameras or filters a breeze. Unique rocket-shaped design can stand upright and its nozzle can be removed. Rocket-Air blows off dust particles, even those clinging to items from static electricity

Technical Details:
- Natural and Environmentally-friendly rubber
- Air inlet valve design prevents air back flow from air nozzle
- Detachable supper air stream air nozzle
- Special design for optional nect strap attachment
- GIOTTO's patented tripod base design provides free-standing function, convenient use and storage

Giottos AA1900 Large Rocket Blaster

Customer feedback:

1. I bought this product after finding multiple spots on my photos. The best way to test if you have dust on your camera's sensor is to set your f-value very high such as f-22 and take picture of the sky or a bright piece of paper. Dust usually only appears in your photos at smaller apertures. You should be able to see most blotches clearly if you do the test right.
Anyway, this thing did the job perfectly. I know how sensitive camera sensors are, and am a little hesitant about using the "wet" method. And besides, this is much cheaper. All you do is go into a dust free room (bathroom worked for me), take off your lens, set your camera to mirror lock-up mode, stick the little red tube into the lens bay, and give it a few blows. Wait about 5 seconds after each blow to allow the dust to fall out. Just make sure you do this is a room free of moisture. Then you just pop the lens back on and take another test shot

2. I had originally bought another brand of blower to clean my digital camera, but after using it once I ended up introducing more dirt and/or rubber bits than I care to remember. Long story short I don't use that for my camera anymore and it took me a long time to get all of that crud out of my camera. But then I decided to give another brand a try since so many people seemed to be able to use blower bulbs without any problems. When I got my new blower my sensor was already fairly clean, but after using it it was a little cleaner. You will still sometimes have those stuck on particles (I use sterile pec pads and eclipse solution to get rid of those with pretty good results, but do this at your own risk since it voids most camera manufacturers warranties.) I also keep my blower in the original packaging to keep it as clean as possible, I guess I am a little gun shy after my first experience.

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