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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Hindi Serials - Jyoti about to get married to Pankaj - NDTV Imagine

Jyoti is about to get married to Pankaj, and the serial has showcasing this for quite some time. After Jyoti left her house after feeling that no one in the house wanted her there (and her own step-mother, whom she loved as a mother also seemed to hate her as opposed to her other sister Susham), she went to the Kendra and stayed there for support. This was also the time when she tried to commit suicide after being in depression for some time. She was still very cut off from her family and not in contact.
At the same time, Sushma and Brij were trying to make the most of the situation, with Susham assuring her mother that things will be fine, and at the same time, trying to take Jyoti's position in the dance show. However, things are not totally well between Sushma and Brij, with Sushma seeing the harsher side of Brij, and starting to get scared of his temper, as was seen recently when the club manager was criticizing Sushma for not smiling while giving her performance, and Brij looking on with anger.
Jyoti in the meantime, has agreed to marry Pankaj who plays a blind but loving man in the serial. Even after she is asked repeatedly, she is firm on her determination to marry Pankaj, and things are peaking for the various functions that happen at this stage. Jyoti showed the Mehndi ceremony, and Pankaj was able to understand the various items drawn on Jyoti's hand even though he was blind, something that impressed Jyoti a lot. At the same time, the problems in her house because of lack of an earning member are growing.

Video of Jyoti serial on 17 June 2009

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