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Friday, June 19, 2009

Logitech Pure-Fi Dream Speaker for iPod and iPhone (Black)

Enjoy amazing sound and style with an ingenious iPod speaker system that responds to the wave of your hand. Innovative light- and motion-sensing technologies make the Pure-Fi Dream the perfect iPod music system for the bedroom--even in total darkness.

* Premium acoustics: Experience amazing sound reproduction with 3/4-inch high-definition, soft-dome tweeters, and 3-inch high-power, long-throw woofers.
* StereoXL technology: Widens stereo image dramatically, creating an immersive audio experience.
* Adjustable soundfield: Tweak the bass and treble settings to fit your personal listening preferences.

* Dual alarm with battery backup: Never miss an appointment again. Wake up to a buzzer, AM or FM radio, or your favorite iPod playlist.
* Digital AM/FM radio: Increases your musical choices.
* Motion-activated, backlit controls: High-contrast controls light up when you need to see them and dim when not in use.
* Auto-dimming display: Dims automatically in response to reduced light.
* Charges your iPod: Doubles as an iPod charger.
* Song title display for iPod and FM radio: See what's playing from across the room.

* Wireless remote: Control your iPod and browse your content from anywhere in the room with a remote that's backlit for use in the dark. Enjoy one-touch access to Shuffle and Repeat.
* Presets for iPod playlists and radio stations: Enjoy instant access to your favorite music, without having to navigate your iPod menus.

Logitech Pure-Fi Dream Speaker for iPod and iPhone (Black)

Technical Details
* Premium acoustics deliver high-quality room-filling sound.
* Motion activated, backlighted controls are perfect for low-light/nighttime
* An auto-dimming display is easily readable any time of the day or night.
* A backlighted remote control lets you control the unit from across the room,
* A digital AM/FM radio gives you the option to listen to live content,

* Very intuitive menu makes it easy to navigate through all the settings with the remote control of your speakers.
* 6 Memory buttons that allows you associate with a play list.
* Very well done snooze function that allows you to set any time you want (not only 15min/30min/90min).
* Has two alarm settings that allows you to select from a play list, play it shuffled and to set the volume of the speakers.
* Back light remote control.
* Display on the speakers show you the current time or the song recently played.
* You can do almost every operation with your remote control. Such as choosing the memorized playlist, setting the alarm and more.

* Regarding the volume feature for the alarm there is a bug in the device. If you set up two different alarms and both are active the alarm2 will always overwrite volume setting of alarm1. For example if you set up alarm1 with a low volume setting to wake you up at 7:45am and then you set up alarm2 with a higher volume setting for 8:00am to kick you out of the bed, alarm1 will wake you up with the higher volume setting of alarm2. Alarm2 will only overwrite the volume setting of alarm1 if it is active.
* There is a short buzz sound whenever you turn the speakers on. This also happens if the alarm starts the device. So that sounds is most likely the sound that wakes me up before the play list kicks in.
* There is a shuffle on/off button on the device and the the remote. However pressing the button the device will not tell you, you just turned it on or off.

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