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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Logitech Squeezebox Boom All-In-One Wi-Fi Internet Radio

Logitech squeezebox boom all-in-one network music player with integrated speakers ¿ Plug it in. Turn it on. Rock the house.The all-in-one network music player that combines award-winning squeezebox functionality with an integrated amplifier and speakers to deliver your digital music to any room in your home. Enjoy the music and content you love, with crystal clear sound.

Technical Details
* Built-in high-fidelity amplifier and speakers for crystal-clear, room-filling sound.
* SqueezeNetwork for easy wireless access to thousands of Internet radio stations and music services.
* Compact, all-in-one design with wireless networking for clutter-free audio in any room.
* Included 3.5mm line-in cord works with iPod and other MP3 Players.
* Seven-day alarm wakes you to your favorite Internet radio station or music playlist.

Logitech Squeezebox Boom All-In-One Wi-Fi Internet Radio

Where does the music actually come from, really?
There are thousands of free Internet radio stations and millions of songs served up from a wide range of online music providers that are now at your fingertips with Squeezebox Boom. And the real beauty of such streaming audio via the Internet is that you hear this music as it arrives, so there's no waiting around for a complete download in order to enjoy it.

How does the music get to the Squeezebox Boom?
Wirelessly, that's how. Clean, clutter-free advanced wireless technology is built in, so there's no need to run any clumsy cables or wires across rooms or through walls in order to complete the installation and bring music to any room in your home.

1. Integrated, all digital amplifier and breakthrough acoustic design.
2. Enjoy an amazing array of music available on the internet.
3. No need to run wires — wireless technology for clean, clutter-free installation.
4. 7-day alarm.

1) It plays just about anything you can throw at it including almost all audio file formats, streams, and even RSS feeds.
2) Small and quite portable, even at nearly 8lb. Yet it feels solid and quality built.
3) Can stream internet radio without attaching to a PC.
4) Open Source development.
5) Built in support for some of the most widely used internet audio sources including iTunes, Rhapsody, Pandora, Last.FM, Live365, Sirius, etc.
6) Web control is very cool and allows you to fully control the device from your web browser, even on your internet enabled phone.

1) No battery operation, decreases portability.
2) No usb port to attach external storage.
3) No iPod dock.
4) No handle to carry it around.
5) Price too high.

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