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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Truths About Men Over 50

Men over 50 don't need reassurance. They often need Depends.

Men over 50 are sure of themselves. It's their bodies that have serious doubts.

Men over 50 are delighted to be seen with women in their 30s. Unless the women are wearing badges and uniforms, and have just slapped cuffs on you.

Men over 50 no longer fight at the drop of a hat. They've learned it's hard enough to hit a toilet, much less an agile younger fellow who is kicking their butt.

Men over 50 have seen it all. They ate and drank a lot of it, as their expanding waistlines prove.

Men over 50 are sometimes tougher than nails. Bent nails... Rusty Nails... Toe Nails.

Men over 50 like fast cars and loose women. What they actually have are loose cars and bad memories of fast women.

Men over 50 like sizzling steaks and smooth whiskey. They usually need bran muffins and liquid fiber.

Men over 50 like to sink their teeth in a challenge. Frequently, though, they are challenged to find their teeth in the sink.

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