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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Recipe: Sandwiches w/Meat or Fish Fillings

Serves 1

Sliced Chicken or Turkey

Season at least 3 or 4 slices of the white meat with salt and pepper. Because they're apt to be dry, top the slices with a good tablespoon of mayonnaise, preferably homemade. Pile on buttered white or whole-wheat bread and add 2 or 3 generous sprigs of watercress or a crisp lettuce leaf.


Use 3 thin slices of ham, preferably good baked ham, on buttered rye bread with 1 T of mayonnaise on one side, and 1 t of mustard on the other---mild or Dijon according to preference.

Ham & Cheese

Eliminate the mayonnaise and add a slice or two of Swiss or other mild cheese.

Roast Beef

Use beef that is somewhat rare, or else it will be dry. Pile a generous 2 or 3 slices on buttered white or rye bread. Add salt and pepper, a teaspoon of mustard, and a crisp lettuce leaf. Serve with dill pickle.

Hot Roast Beef

Hot roast beef is particularly good on a hard roll, such as Kaiser, onion, or sesame seed, with the juices poured over. Salt and pepper to taste and pass the mustard.

Corned Beef or Tongue

Most aficionados like 4 or 5 generous slices with mustard only on buttered rye bread. Serve with dill pickle.

Meat Loaf

Place two slices of meat loaf on buttered rye or white bread with 1 T of mayonnaise or catsup or both. Add a leaf of crisp iceberg lettuce and serve with sweet pickles.

Hot Pastrami

This spicy cousin of corned beef must always be served warm, 4 or 5 slices on buttered pumpernickel or rye with a good teaspoon of mustard.

Cold Sliced Pork, Veal, or Lamb

These meats are apt to be a little dry when cold, so serve 3 or 4 slices with a generous tablespoon of mayonnaise, and watercress or crisp lettuce, on well-buttered bread. A relish such as chutney or bread-and-butter pickle can be good on the meat, especially the pork.

Bologna, Liverwurst, or Salami

Place 3 or 4 good slices of bologna, liverwurst, or salami on dark buttered rye or whole-wheat bread, with 1 t prepared horseradish or 2 t peppery mustard, or 2 t mayonnaise. Serve with dill pickle.


Place a row of well-drained sardines on a thin slice of buttered rye bread. Squeeze 1 t of lemon juice on top, sprinkle with ½ t chopped dill, and cover with buttered slice of rye.

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