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Monday, July 21, 2008

Article on security for home computers

Most people who have a computer at home have no idea about what constitutes a good security policy, or what they need to do to make sure that their computers are not remotely taken over by hackers. So, here is a good article that talks about all this:

I've come up with a list of steps that, if followed, would contribute an immense amount to the security of most user's computers. I'd like all my readers to print it out and walk through it with their family, friends, churches, and clubs. Fill it in with them, or better yet, explain to them how to fill it in. If they need to know more about an item, point them back to this page and tell them to click on the links I've provided. After the checklist is filled in, tell them to post it next to their computers or in a safe place, but tell them to refer to it if they have any questions.

This is a pretty great checklist. It ensures that you have put your mind to a number of issues such as browser security, anti-virus, email, etc.

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