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Saturday, April 5, 2008

Indications That Your New Baby Is a Pirate

When mom’s water broke, the baby yelled, “I sail with the tide!”

When the doctor slapped your baby’s bottom, the baby slapped the doctor back
and then grabbed the doctor’s head with the forceps.

In the hospital nursery, your baby stole blankets and pacifiers from the
other infants and then denied it.

Other babies’ ankle bands say “Baby Girl” or “Baby Boy.” Your child’s says
“Baby Pirate.”

When the hospital photographer took a picture of your baby, your baby asked
if it was for the “wanted posters.”

You found your baby in the hospital cafeteria telling stories about his most
recent voyage.

Your physician asked, “Do hooks run in the family?”

Your baby doesn’t have any teeth -- just like most adult pirates.

During labor, your spouse shouted things you thought only came out of the
mouths of pirates.

By the time your baby left the hospital, the doctors and nurses were calling
him “Captain.”

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