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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Recipe: Rice Cakes

Delicate golden patties, especially good with poached fish.

½ C short-grain rice
½ t salt
½ C water, boiling
1 C milk
2 eggs
6 T butter
1-½ C freshly made bread crumbs
2 T oil

Sprinkle the rice and salt into the boiling water. Cover and cook
slowly until the water is absorbed, 7-10 minutes. Add the milk, stir,
cover, and cook 10-12 minutes more, or until the rice is tender. Stir
in 1 egg and add 2 T of the butter. Spread the mixture on a shallow
plate, cover with plastic wrap, and refrigerate. Beat the remaining
egg in a shallow dish and put the crumbs on a piece of wax paper.
Shape the well-chilled rice mixture into 6 conical or patty shapes,
pressing firmly together. Carefully dip each cake into the egg and
then cover with crumbs. Melt the remaining 4 T of butter in a skillet
with the oil. When hot, fry the cakes until golden brown; don't cook
them too quickly or the insides will remain cold.

Serves 4

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