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Monday, April 7, 2008

True Meanings of Different Words

studies: the most quickest and the most hardest way of dying
lecturer: a person who has a bad habit of speaking when someone is sleeping !!
shoes: a small structure all teens are crazy about and the same structure helps your mother to beat you when ur out l8
television: a small box most husbands would need it when there wife is yelling since they can turn up the volume to 99
time: which ALWAYS stops at the point when your bored and ALWAYS run when you are having fun ( not kidding very true )
food: a thing teens would never want to investigate at all but adults are almost all over it !!!!
fights: after having a long relationship if not satisfied fights would be quiet helpful
flowers: most husbands would never give to there wifes but 2 strange people
questions: mostly asked by parents
hats: if fashion calls for hats even in summer, who would care if she would die
butterflies: something you get in your stomach wen u talk 2 boyz
carrots: its a thing all models only eat so they look like hangers
dating: teens favorate= game 4 timepass

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