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Saturday, April 5, 2008

Command Line Utilities

A whole list of command line utilities available at this link.

These programs do not have a graphical user interface. They are meant to run from a command line (DOS prompt), batch file, or shortcut. You should keep your command line programs in a directory on your hard drive, preferably one in the PATH. For Windows 98/ME, we recommend "c:\windows\command\". For Windows NT4/2000/XP/2003/Vista we recommend "c:\winnt\system32\".

BACKUP9.EXE - File Backup Utility
COMBINE.EXE - File Combining Utility
DELNEXT.EXE - Delete At Next Reboot Utility
DELS.EXE - Recursive File Deletion Utility
FCMP.EXE - File Comparison
GPATCH.EXE - File Patching Utility
GS.EXE - Greg's DOS Shell
NUMLINES.EXE - Source Code Line Counter
SIZEOF.EXE - File Size Reporting Utility
SLEEP.EXE - Power Management Utility
TIMER.EXE - Timer Utility

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