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Sunday, February 14, 2016

Adult Joke: Riding a cycle

I was talking to my friend last night at a cafe about my 4 motorcycles, all the bikes have women's names.

An elderly couple entered and sat in the next booth.

My friend asked me, "So which one are you going to ride tonight?"

I responded, "I think I will ride Mary for about three hours, eat, rest a bit, then ride Vixen for 2 hours."

The man sitting next to us spewed his coffee.

My friend continued, "When are you going to ride the others?" I said, "Well, Amy will get ridden all day Saturday if my butt doesn't get too sore."

The wife of the old man raised her eyebrows and smiled at me.

I continued, "Sunday I expect to ride Alice in the country over rough roads, she handles better than the others."

"How?" my friend quered.

"Well I get going as fast as I can, grab her by the handles and hang on for dear life."

"Has she ever thrown you." asked my friend

"A couple of times. Which is why I wear a helmet."

The old man leered at me.

"Where do you keep them?" my friend wondered aloud.

"I keep them locked up in the garage. I don't want anyone else to touch them but me."

Again the man's wife looked at me and smiled. The man got red in the face.

My friend asked, "You can only ride em one at a time, so can I ride one?"

"Heck yes, as long as you have life insurance. These gals are rough and tough and give no quarter."

Also, I have to charge you 10 dollars an hour to cover the maintenance on these ladies."

"Do you kick them to get them started." he asked.

"No, I just choke them a bit, then fire them fire up. They warm up really fast."

"Okay here is 10 dollars, let's go." My friend summerizes.

"Here is the key to unlock her."

The husband and wife fainted.

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