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Friday, January 16, 2015

Funny: Some jokes

The teacher was giving her class of seven-year-olds a natural history lesson. "Worker ants," she told them, "can carry pieces of food five times their own weight. What do you conclude from that?"

One child was ready with the answer: "They don't have a union."

Advantages of Being a Temp

You're only lending your soul, not selling it.

You won't be there when the fruits of your labor turn rotten.

Trying on a different personality at each new job site.

You don't have to continually fork over part of your paycheck for co-workers' weddings, babies, birthdays and anniversaries, or children's school, scouts, athletic, and band fund-raising efforts.

No one gives you clothes emblazoned with the company logo and then expects you to wear them.

You can avoid the internal "war." I once Temp'd at an office so divided and filled with hate, one half wouldn't even speak with the other... it was my job to convey messages between the enemy camps.

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