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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Myths about Firefox

This article (link) contains details about various myths about Firefox and clearing of these misconceptions:

# Features

1. Firefox is fully standards compliant
2. Firefox often displays webpages incorrectly
3. Microsoft sets the standards (or should)
4. Firefox was the first browser with tabs
5. New versions of Firefox break extensions and themes

# Security

1. Firefox is completely secure
2. Secunia lists an extremely critical Firefox vulnerability
3. Firefox had more known vulnerabilities than IE at some point
4. Two speakers at the ToorCon 2006 hacker conference found serious Firefox vulnerabilities

# Performance

1. Firefox is faster than Internet Explorer
2. Firefox 1.5 leaks more memory than previous versions

# Miscellaneous

1. Firefox is a relatively young browser
2. Firefox achieved 10% market share in its first year
3. Firefox 2.0 won't support Windows 9x and ME

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