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Friday, May 30, 2008

How to cut a fruit properly

Step 1. Cut both ends off the watermelon.

Step 2. Now make cuts lengthwise about 3-4" deep and 4" apart.

Step 3. Now hit the melon along one cut strip to break along seed line. The rind will be about 4-5 mm lower then the other strips. Break off the strip'

Step 4. If all was done right, your strip should have broke on the seed line. Take a spoon and scrape the seeds off. Don't worry about removing some of the melon around the seeds because it is usually overripe and mushy anyways. Some people think this wasteful but it is an undesirable part of the melon.

Step 5.Once seeds are removed cut up the remainder of the strip into pieces to serve. Repeat the process for each remaining strip. As you continue you will notice that the center of the melon is remaining. Clean the seeds off it and cut it up. This center section is the prime part so put it in a separate bowl and save it for yourself.

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