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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Sony XEL-1 11-Inch OLED Digital TV

Sony’s industry first OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) TV, the XEL-1, has a 3 millimeter thin panel and offers unparalleled picture quality with amazing Contrast, outstanding Brightness, exceptional color reproduction, and a rapid Response Time. The XEL-1 delivers outstanding performance in key picture quality categories. OLED technology can completely turn off Pixels when reproducing black, resulting in more outstanding dark scene detail and a Contrast Ratio of 1,000,000:1. OLED creates unmatched color expression and detail and enables rapid response times for smooth and natural reproduction of fast moving content such as sports. The XEL-1 features the latest connectivity options including two HDMI inputs, a Digital tuner, and a Memory Stick slot for viewing high-Resolution photos.

Key Features
* Incredibly Slim : OLED TV’s are incredibly slim because organic material directly emits light so OLED Display panels do not require a thick backlight or complex construction like other flat panel technologies. The Sony® XEL-1 is an unbelievable 3mm thin (without its stand)!
* Blazing Fast Response Time : When turned "on," individual organic elements are stimulated directly by electric Current, and therefore Response Time is incredibly fast.
* Outstanding Contrast : When an organic Pixel is turned "off" the result is complete darkness. This results in deep blacks and an unheard of Contrast Ratio of 1,000,000:1. Yes, that’s a one million to one Contrast Ratio!
* Exceptional Color Reproduction : Sony’s unique "Super Top Emission" nology, which combined with a special mircro-cavity and color filters, enhances color purity, achieves extraordinary high color Contrast. In fact, 105% of the NTSC Color Space can be achieved!
* Wide Viewing Angles : OLED colors and Contrast look amazing even at wide 178° viewing angles due to the direct view nature of the panel. Pixel colors look fantastic even at wide 178° viewing angles for an outstanding viewing experience.
* High Brightness : Because OLED elements individually emit light that are directly displayed on the screen, high Brightness levels can be achieved.
* Energy Efficiency : OLED technology delivers a more efficient means of utilizing light, which is generated by the organic material itself instead of an always on backlight; also, when elements are in their "off" state, they consume no power whatsoever.

Sony XEL-1 11-Inch OLED Digital TV

Technical Details
* Next-generation OLED Digital TV technology.
* Full Color spectrum and super deep black-levels.
* Incredibly Slim 3mm Thin Panel.
* Lower power consumption than other TV technologies.
* 1,000,000:1 Contrast Ratio.

It is expensive but if HD is needed in a very small format this is the product. Price will come down substantially. Simple to hook up- just plug and play. Picture is fabulous. have it on the counter top in the bathroom- takes up very little room and looks sllek and modern.

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