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Monday, July 27, 2009

Ambience Mall - the fun continues at the border of Delhi-Gurgaon (bowling, etc)

Bowling is something that the younger generation in Delhi really enjoys. The feeling of being with friends, or family members, in a playful environment and where there is a spirit of competiveness can be great. However, till recently, Delhi did not have too many bowling alleys. It is only recently that Delhi and the NCR region has started having more bowling alleys, with probably the largest one coming in the Ambience Mall.
The Ambience Mall is large, and also probably has the largest bowling alley, with 24 lanes of wooden lanes. The air is pretty professional, you have to register with names, are assigned socks and shoes (they forbid people from bowling without wearing the proper shoes, and without wearing socks). Other places do tolerate the non-wearing of shoes, but the Blue-O bowling galley declares that such things are mandatory.
Do remember, it is more expensive than many others places, with the prices starting at Rs. 125 on weekdays during the day time, increasing to Rs. 175 on nights, and topping off at Rs. 200 on weekends. This is the most expensive bowling alley that I have been to in the entire NCR region. In addition, they charge you a non-refundable fees of Rs. 25 for socks (you can keep them, so you should wear your own to the bowling alley), and a Rs. 35 rental for the shoes (you need to return the shoes). No other bowling alley in the NCR region that I had been to charged rental for shoes.
Spread across 42,500 sq ft, this plush bowling alley with tangerine strip lighting on the ceiling comes equipped with two platinum lounges for privacy, karaoke rooms, an X Box 360 room. The entrance to blu O is lined up with shelves that are stocked with decorative pins.

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