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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Photo Tips for Wildlife Shooting (contd..)

Tip 1 (Don't provoke the animals): When you are photographing an animal in its natural environment, it can get very boring, and the temptation is incredible to provoke or to do something similar to the animal so as to get some reaction, or some action. Don't do it. No image, no matter how good, unique or special it may be, is worth stressing, endangering or otherwise harming wildlife.

Tip 2 (Looking everywhere): You don't need to go to jungles to get photos of animals (unless you have a specific assignment). If you have a green backyard or have a large park nearby, you can get some great photos there as well.

Tip 3 (Respect all laws): You can see a great new looking bird, but it is in somebody's yard, and the temptation is great to just move in for some time and take a photo. You need to be careful of property rights. If you ask people politely, they might agree.

Tip 4 (Different seasons): If you find a promising area (such as wetlands, or nearby green area), explore the place in different seasons. You can get great photos at different times of the year, including birds who visit only in certain seasons, or other seasons are breeding seasons.

Tip 5 (Don't look down at zoos / parks): A zoo or a park showcases a wide range of exotic animals that will take a lot of exploration to see in their natural wonders. Don't look down on taking photographs in these zoos; for example animal parks in South Africa can get a chance to see big animals in close to their natural settings.

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