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Monday, July 27, 2009

LLF LED LR6 Recessed Lighting Fixture 6" downlight module - Incandescent Color 2700K

The LR6 6" LED Downlight Module Lighting Fixture from LLF is the extreme long-life and extreme energy-saving LED downlighting fixture that produces the equivalent of 65 Watts of comparable incandescent lighting. Yet it consumes just 12 Watts. It's a perfect choice for new construction or upgrading the downlighting in your energy-efficient home or workspace. The LLF Downlight Module is designed to easily install in standard 6"downlight housings from the majority of manufacturers. Unlike any fluorescent, the LR6 contains no harmful mercury. Experienced lighting engineers and designers also know that compact flourescent blubs often performs poorly and burns-out quickly in downlight fixtures. The LR6 lasts more than 20 years under normal use. That makes life simplerespecially in hard-to-reach installations.

Product Features:
12 Watts generates equivalent light of 60W bulb
Beautiful color, high efficiency and eco-friendly technology
Up to 50,000 bulb life - 5X longer than compact flourescent blubs
The LR6 produces a warm incandescent color perfect for the home
Incandescent Color - 2700K

LLF LED LR6 Recessed Lighting Fixture 6inch downlight module - Incandescent Color 2700K

Customer feedback:

1. This bulb is bright and the color matches incandescent lamps. If the reviews for other LED bulbs is any indication, most LED bulbs are not very bright and their light is bluish. Not a problem with this bulb. Also, the light is very even. Looking at the bulb, you do not see a bunch of dots, just one bright, even light surface. This light is not for everyone, it only fits in 6" recessed cans. I had a little difficulty getting it to mount properly in my can, but now that it is there, I am happy with it.
The package says this light is dimmable with a regular dimmer. I have not connected a dimmer yet, but I plan to. The package also says it should last 20 years with normal use. It uses about 12 watts and provides the incandescent equivalent of 60 watts.

2. This is a fine replacement for ceiling flood lights. It only uses 12 watts, but gives good, bright light, and is on instantly--unlike the CFLs I have tried. I had no real trouble installing the one I have installed, but there is a bit of a learning curve. The second or third lights would install almost immediately. The first probably took me 10 minutes or so. If the cost would come down, I would give this light a five star rating and replace quite a few more of the recessed floods that I have. As it is, I will limit myself to the few lights that I use a great deal, and where the "instant on" character of the light is the most important.

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