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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Belkin BG108000-04 Conserve Energy Saving Surge Strip

Going green has never been easier. With the Belkin 8-Outlet Conserve Surge Protector, you can eliminate the wasteful standby power that many of your home appliances generate, lowering your overall energy consumption and saving you money on energy costs. Featuring a convenient remote control, the Conserve Surge Protector gives you the option of completely shutting off devices that consume standby power without having to reach behind furniture or beneath desks.
tandby power--also known as "phantom power"--is the energy that devices consume while they are still plugged into a power outlet, even while the device is turned off. This wasteful "phantom power" is generated by TVs, computers, computer accessories, battery chargers, and many other electronic devices.
Although the devices are not actually doing anything, they are still sipping energy. And not just minuscule amounts--the California Energy Commission estimates that as much as 15% of household electricity use can be attributed to standby power loss!

Belkin BG108000-04 Conserve Energy Saving Surge Strip

The Conserve offers a total of eight surge-protected outlets, six of which are "switchable" and two that are "always-on." This means that you can connect up to six devices that can be controlled by the remote, and two devices that will always stay on. The "always-on" outlets are useful for devices that require a constant flow of energy, such as routers, alarm clocks, cable modems, or DVRs.

Technical Details:
Surge protector includes remote control to easily turn off power and save energy
Six switchable and two always-on power outlets
Built-in cord management; wall-mountable remote control
Slim, space-saving design
Backed by lifetime product and $100,000 connected equipment warranty

Customer feedback:

1. Excellent product, push the remote transmitter button and the surge protector switches off. Push it again and the surge protecter turns on. Will definitely save electricity by cutting power to devices that are always on standby.
Only problem with the unit I received was that initially the remote switch would not turn the surge protector on. I thought that I might have to return it, until I checked the frequency settings for the remote switch and the surge protector. Switched them to match and the unit worked like a charm. It seems that the factory set settings did not match.

2. So I got one of these and within the first month I saw a $50 reduction in my power bill. Seriously! It all started after I got a power meter and started going crazy to find what was sucking power around my house. My power bills where at 100+ and it wasn't making any since. So I started measuring and found out that my entertainment center was eating 80 - 85 Watts of power when it was OFF! Now everything I have didn't exactly cut off and turns out my Sharp Aquos was eating the most power off.

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