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Monday, July 27, 2009

Nu-Flare Ultrabright Compact 77R92L Luxeon Rebel 90 6W LED Police Flashlight

Nu-Flare is one of the best Quality Compact Flashlight using the 3rd generation Luxeon Rebel 90 LED from Silicon Valley (San Jose, California, USA). The new Rebel 90 has improved battery efficiency, generates less heat, and higher brightness than the Luxeon V. It has the tactical tail switch and a patented zoom focus from 1X to 4X. You should notice that this is the one of the first flashlight on market offer the zoom head. This one is small in very compact size.

Technical Details:
Energy saving Power LED technology, around 8 to 10 times better energy efficiency than light bulb
GREEN Technology - 6 hours battery life at 210 Lumens, compact size for everyday carry
Luxeon Rebel 90 (3rd genereator Luxeon LED, 210 Lumens, about 5 times brighter than most $20 3D cell
It has simple tail tactical switch click on and click off. The focus is adjustable from 1X to 4X (pa
High quality solid state DC-DC regulated circuit (other are DC-AC-DC non-regulated) maintain maximum

Nu-Flare Ultrabright Compact 77R92L Luxeon Rebel 90 6W LED Police Flashlight

Customer feedback:

1. The name/model of this flashlight is pretty impressive-sounding with all those numbers and letters, but I must admit, it functions as well as the photos and description show. I really wanted a flood-type light, and some were available (as it says in the description) from an 'overseas' source. And, I was dubious about buying from them. So, I opted for this one, and I'm not disappointed. For the flood characteristic of the spot-to-flood zoom, the light covers an entire wall from the distance of 'standing in a doorway of an average size (apt.) bedroom'. And, there's just a little loss of light (althouh there IS some) when you zoom-out to 'flood'. But, there's no black spot throughout the zooming range (unlike those old krypton zoom flashlights that took a decent spot, and simply diffused it beyond useability when you spread the light to a 'flood area'.)

2. I recently bought a $20 xenon lamp powered by (2) CR123 batteries and not only did this Rebel 90 blow it away as to brightness, it also smoked the competition in correct white color, instead of that yellow tint. It definitely is a no brainer and I highly recommend it. I use this flashlight to commute (walk) to a bus station in the early morning hours and can attest to the fact that this product could possibly even save your life! A night time in a possible threat or mugging this blinding light could be the only weapon you need to protect yourself.

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