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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Genius Light Wireless Magnetic LED Push Light X 2

Wireless LED light turns on automatically the moment you open a drawer, closet door, walk-in closets, cellar stairs, circuit breaker box, and more! With Genius Light, you'll never have to deal with the dark when you have your hands full and can't reach a switch or use a flashlight. Mount it in a drawer, closet or other enclosed space and whenever you enter or open them, a magnetic sensor moves and separates from the LED light unit, turning it on. Reverse the process and the light turns off. Installs with included adhesive pads. Uses three button batteries.

Technical Details:
Install with adhesive pads, included.
Make dark places like cellar stairs, walk-in closets and storage drawers safer, etc
An effortless way to conserve energy
Open the door or drawer and the light goes on.
Leave the closet and shut the door or close the drawer and the light goes out automatically.

Genius Light® Wireless Magnetic LED Push Light X 2

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