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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Hindi TV Serial - Bhagyavidhaata serial on Colors - The marriage happens again

Bhagyavidhaata reached a critical phase. The Sinha family wants to get rid of their unwanted daughter-in-law, but is afraid of what her brother (the man who wields force and guns) will do, and hence comes to a plan whereby Vinay Sinha will leave the house instead of asking Bindiya to leave the house; the idea being that when their son is not in the house and not traceable, they can ask Bindiya to also go back to her house.
However, this plan is not to be, since Bindiya's brother finds out about this plan, and reaches their house with his men, and starts threatening the Sinha household again, and it is clear that the plan for Vinay to go away has failed. It is now that Vinay takes a decision to finally accept Bindiya (till now he has not accepted her, and humiliates her on every opportunity).
Vinay declares to his family that he will accept Bindiya and marry her again, so that his family will be forced to accept that Bindiya is now the proper daughter-in-law and will have no reason not to accept her anymore; they can no longer look for a way to get rid of her. He asks for both sets of parents to be there, and then marries Bindiya formally.

06 29 09 Bindya slaps Raja Bhaiyya (Video on Youtube):

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