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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Smart Strip LCG3 Energy Saving Power Strip with Autoswitching Technology

With patented auto-switching technology that saves you money on electrical bills, the Smart Strip LCG3 Energy Saving Power Strip features 10 outlets that work in sync to efficiently power your electrical devices. This unique energy-saving power strip automatically switches devices on and off and uses less than one watt of power when fully energized. And with premium EMF/RFI filtering and 2225-joule protection to defend devices against surges, this strip keeps your valuable electronic equipment fully protected.
You don't want your power strip to eat up power, but you also want assurance that your equipment is safe from harsh power surges. Ideal for computer systems and home entertainment centers, the Smart Strip LCG3 employs a proprietary auto-switching technology that automatically shuts down devices that are not in use, saving you money and reducing your overall energy usage.

Smart Strip LCG3 Energy Saving Power Strip with Autoswitching Technology

Technical Details:
Superior EMI/RFI filtering
Up to 60db line noise reduction
84,000Amp, three-way protection
4 way wall mountable
2875 joules three-way protection

Customer feedback:

1. Works perfectly! I'm sure I'll start seeing savings right away since I have plethora of equipment. Setup is simple, just plug the TV i it into the controlling outlet and then the DVD player, xbox, etc... into the switching outlets. Now when I power off/on the TV everything shuts off/on with it. The nice thing about the power strip is that it has a couple of always-on outlets for recording devices - so they don't lose the date and time. This is a well thought out and simple product.

2. I had an idea what this SmartStrip could do but i really wanted to see it for myself. This guy is as simple as it sounds and just as convenient. You have 1 outlet that you plug your switching device in. The switching device is the device that when you turn on or off turns everything else on or off. You also have 2 Always ON outlets (for DVR boxes or Broadband Modem, etc). And 4 "Controlled" outlets, 1 of which is an extra wide one. Now, the 1 outlet for the switching device is an Always ON outlet.
There is a little knob on the side for helping you tweek the switching setting that power off everything else when you put the main device into a low power state or off. Because some things draw power even when turned off so you may need to tweek it.

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