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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Diabetes research: Control on sugar cuts risk of heart attack

It is a known fact that diabetics have a higher risk of heart attack; regular measures to control heart attack risk by leading a healthier life, maintaining a good blood pressure and having their cholesterol levels reduced; they still have a high risk of developing heart problems. The thing that works to reduce this risk - keep sugar levels under control (link to article)

Diabetics can cut their heart attack risk by tightly controlling blood sugar levels, says a study published in the Lancet. By undertaking a meta-analysis which pooled information from five large trials, Cambridge University researchers came to the conclusion that people with diabetes who maintain intensive, low blood sugar levels are significantly less likely to suffer heart attacks and coronary heart disease.
In order to assess the possible risk of various heart conditions, Ray and team analyzed the data collected on the glucose levels in blood, specifically a long-term marker of glucose control called HbA1c. In healthy individuals, HbA1c levels average between 4-5 percent. However, diabetics often have levels above 6.5 percent.

Just another indicator that people with diabetes need to maintain a properl control on their blood sugar levels.

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